Health Care Compliance and Institutional Privacy

HIPAA Training

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In order to be compliant with HIPAA, training may be completed through one of the following ways. 

New Hire Orientation

All employees who attend a scheduled New Hire orientation will receive HIPAA and Corporate Compliance training.  Training includes an interactive presentation by a member of the Compliance Office.  Those who do not choose to complete the training at New Hire orientation must do so through one of the methods listed below. 


Online training is also available at .  To see if you qualify for such training, please contact the Compliance and Privacy Office at to request information on specific details to this type of education, directions, and access.

Training updated renewals are usually completed online in this format.

Group Training

In the case that a department director or manager would like HIPAA training presented to a group of employees it must be scheduled in advance with the Compliance Office.  A room must be scheduled and the attendees must be notified.  This could be used for updated training if deemed necessary by the director/manager or in the case that a department has multiple people in need of training.  Group training also serves as a great option for those departments who either do not have computers accessible to employees or multiple schedules to accommodate.


If you have questions regarding HIPAA training, please contact the Compliance & Privacy Office at







Last Updated: 1/6/21