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Direct Pay Requests

Accounts Payable Direct Pay Form 

The online Dynamic Direct Pay Request Form is to be used to submit a payment request to a supplier that does not accept credit cards and is not a UToledo employee. Departments that have to submit several vendor payments in a relatively short period of time, are encouraged to utilize the upload template.

Any vendors who do not have a Rocket ID should be registered via PaymentWorks. Direct deposit (ACH) payments are encouraged for all direct pay vendors. The New Vendor Request Form will be used in getting the process started for new vendors to register for PaymentWorks. There is no longer a need for departments to collect a W9 or payment documents directly from vendors. These documents would all be collected via PaymentWorks.

All reimbursements for current employees must be processed in Concur. Individuals providing goods or services who are already employed by the university must be paid through the payroll system.

Direct Pay Form Instructions

New Vendor Request Form

Vendor Address Maintenance Request Form

Last Updated: 5/22/23