Trademarks and Licensing

Students, Faculty and Staff

Campus departments, student organizations and external groups frequently purchase merchandise that use University symbols, logos, and marks. Since these items are an extension of the University brand, there are subject to the same standards whether the items will be sold or given away.

  • Only campus departments and student organizations officially recognized by or part of the University are allowed to use Toledo logos, symbols and trademarks in conjunction with their names.
  • They must have approval prior to use.
  • All purchases of items that include a University of Toledo mark in the design must be made through an official licensee or vendor.

Only licensees who are under contract with CLC, the University's licensing agency, can produce Toledo products. Toledo licensees pay for the right to produce items, so they carry appropriate liability insurance.

They know our policies concerning appropriate use of trademarks; can expedite design approvals and details; can save you time and money; and will take care of submitting royalties for university use.

Preferred Suppliers of Promotional Products

Last Updated: 6/27/22