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Begining in summer, 2022, Remark Test Grading became the sole UToledo-supported test scanning option

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Remark test grading – New process, multiple locations

  • Users have cloud-based individual accounts. No central location. 
  • Two ways to process an exam:
      1. Use any scanning device and upload file with test results to an individual account
      2. Use the Xerox App on selected ComDoc Multi-Function Printers (MFPs)
    • College of Arts and Letters - UH 2003 [XeroxC8170]
    • College of Business and Innovation - ST 5000 [XeroxC8045]
    • Judith Herb College of Education - GH 3000K [XeroxC8055]
    • Health and Human Services - HH 3200 [XeroxC8145]
    • College of Law - LC 2000 I [XeroxC8045]
    • College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics – SM 3068 [XeroxC8045], WO 1235R [XeroxC8055]
    • Carlson Library - 1st Floor Open Area #2 [XeroxC8045]
    • Mulford Library - TBD
    • Rocket Hall – University College - RH 1555 (Hallway) [XeroxC605]

Advantages of remark test grading 

  • Integrates seamlessly with Blackboard courses. No need to input grades into a gradebook.
  • Supports face-to-face paper exams and online submissions 
  • Create multiple test versions (up to five versions each, with questions in different order)
  • Instructors create and print test answer sheets
    • Customize your own or use built-in standard forms (25, 50, 100 or 200 questions)  
    • Print on plain paper – eliminates the need to use Scantron sheets
    • Students can use pens – eliminates the need to carry #2 pencils
  • Post Exam
    • Allows on-screen exceptions cleaning (for crossed-out, blank or multiple responses)
    • Easy to change the answer key to regrade exams
    • Produces a set of multiple reports – test analysis, student statistics, student response, grade report, etc.

Helpful Links and Videos

 xerox logoxero

Xerox App - on multi-functional device

  • Print, scan and grade
  • Email grades to Remark account
  • Generate report summaries

Web Links And Videos


  • Closure of print shop in FY20 combined with cost of replacing aging Scantron equipment led to an assessment of UToledo’s scanning vendor and process
  • Scantron committee formed fall 2019 – met regularly until UToledo went remote in spring 2020
  • Committee’s recommendation was to switch from Scantron to Remark Test Grading subject to the results from a pilot
  • Pilot took place spring 2021
  • Provost decided to move forward with Remark Test Grading
  • E-Mail if you have any questions.
Last Updated: 10/4/22