Office of the Provost

Colleges Deans

 College of Arts and Letters


Charlene Gilbert, MFA
Dean, College of Arts and Letters
University Hall 3160
Mail Stop 906
Phone: 419.530.2413
Fax: 419.530.2157

 College of Business and Innovation


Dr. Anne L. Balazs
Dean, College of Business and Innovation
Stranahan Hall South, Room 5017
Mail Stop 103
Phone: 419.530.5527
Fax: 419.530.7744

 College of Engineering


Dr. Michael Toole
Dean, College of Engineering
Nitschke Hall 5012
Mail Stop 310
Phone: 419.530.8000
Fax: 419.530.8006

 College of Graduate Studies


Dr. Amanda Bryant-Friedrich 
Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs
University Hall 3240
Mail Stop 933
Phone: 419.530.4723
Fax: 419.530.4724

 College of Health and Human Services

Barry Scheuermann

Dr. Barry Scheuermann
Interim Dean, College of Health and Human Services
HH 3302
Mail Stop: 119

 College of Law

Ben Barros

Ben Barros, JD
Dean, College of Law
Law Center 2014
Mail Stop 507
Phone: 419.530.2379
Fax: 419.530.7878

 College of Medicine and Life Sciences

 Dr. Christopher Cooper

Dr. Christopher J.  Cooper
Dean, College of Medicine and Life Sciences  
Executive Vice President for Clinical Affairs
Vice Provost for Educational Health Affairs
Campus: HSC
RHC 0012
Phone: 419-383-4243
Fax: 419-383-6100
Mail Stop:1018

 College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

 John Plenefisch

Dr. John Plenefisch
Interim Dean, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Wolfe Hall 2246
Mail Stop 620
Phone: 419.530.7840
Fax: 419.530.7835

 College of Nursing

Linda Lewandowski

Dr. Linda Lewandowski
Dean, College of Nursing
Vice Provost for Health Affairs for Interprofessional and Community Partnerships
Campus: HSC
COB 4431
Mail Stop:1026

 College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


Dr. Gary Pollack
Dean, College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Campus: HSC, HEB Wolfe
Mail Stop:1013

 Jesup Scott Honors College

Heidi Appel

Dr. Heidi M. Appel 
Dean, Jesup Scott Honors College
MacKinnon Hall, Room 2000C
Mail Stop 504
Phone: 419.530.6033

 Judith Herb College of Education

Raymond Witte

Dr. Raymond Witte
Dean, Judith Herb College of Education
Gillham Hall 3100K
Mail Stop 914
Phone: 419.530.6126
Fax: 419.530.7719

 University College


Barbara Kopp Miller

Dr. Barbara Kopp Miller
Dean, University College
Rocket Hall 1840G
Mail Stop 340
Phone: 419.530.2326
Fax: 419.530.3242

 University Libraries

 Beau Case

Beau Case
Dean, University Libraries
Mail Stop 509
Phone: 419.530.4286
Fax:  419.530.4771

Last Updated: 9/9/19