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Getting Started with PLA

Students looking to earn credit through prior learning have two distinct options – Credit by Examination (testing) and portfolio. 


The Credit by Examination (testing) option is often chosen when the student has identified a course in which they feel know the subject content. The student can then select either standardized tests or departmental testing.

  • Standardized Testing
    Standardized tests, such as the CLEP or DSST, are associated with lower division (1000 level) courses in the general education curriculum. CLEP or DSST tests are the best choice for students who are early in their program of study or for returning students who need general education credits. Students who are interested in standardized testing would work with College Board or Prometric.

  • Departmental Testing
    Departmental tests are specific to an existing University course, such as CHEM 1090 or PHYS 2070. These tests are proctored by the department by setting up an appointment.


Portfolio development requires the student to document the learning that has been acquired outside of the traditional classroom with the learning outcomes of a college level, credit bearing course offered at the University.

  •  A student who chooses to develop a portfolio will work closely with a UT faculty member who facilitates and guides the portfolio development. The UT faculty member will review the completed portfolio and award a grade. 
  • The PLA Coordinator will connect the student with the appropriate faculty member.
  • To earn credit through portfolio assessment, the grade of C or better is needed. Once the grade has been awarded, the portfolio will be returned. The portfolio assessment fee will be charged to the students account by the Bursar’s Office. The grade earned through the portfolio assessment will be transcripted in the term it is earned.

To begin the process of either Credit by Exam or Portfolio, students should email and include thier academic advisor. Students interested should consult their academic advisor to discuss the use of the credit in their program of study. 

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