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Student Resources

Students who are choosing prior learning assessment as an option may be interested in the following resources.

testing resources

  • CLEP – The College Board provides free practice exams for CLEP tests. To view the minimum scores needed to earn credit, please view the Registrar's webpage
  • DSST - Practice tests are available. Students interested in DSST tests should visit the DSST FAQ site.

portfolio resources

  • A review of the sample portfolio is a good introduction to the requirements for portfolio development.

  • Keep in mind that the UT faculty member assigned to work with you will facilitate and guide the actual portfolio you will develop. 

Suggested Resources:

  • The Rocket Career Center can assist with resume development along with the identification of career focused resources that can align out of classroom learning with learning outcomes.

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy – Published by Encyclopedia Britannica identifies a vocabulary for learning goals. Other options for Bloom’s Taxonomy are also available on the World Wide Web accessible through search engines.

  • University Libraries - offers individual consultations with library faculty to identify resources in subject content areas.

  • Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) – awarding winning site that covers any and all aspects of writing.

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