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Portfolio Credit

Credit earned through portfolio

The term portfolio is used to describe the process of documenting the learning gained through work, career or military experiences. Portfolio credit is commonly awarded in subject areas such as English composition, communications, history, political science, geography, and sociology.

Credit earned through portfolio begins with a meeting with the academic advisor. The student works closely with the academic advisor to identify possible subject areas that align the student’s prior knowledge with possible undergraduate courses that will contribute to the student’s degree completion. 

The academic advisor will contact the PLA Coordinator to start the portfolio process . The PLA Coordinator will begin to work with the department chair who is responsible for the courses which best align with the student’s prior learning. In consultation with the department chair, the faculty assessor will be identified. The faculty assessor works directly with the student to establish the development of the portfolio and the alignment of the portfolio with the course’s learning outcomes. Additionally, the faculty assessor will review and grade the portfolio. Upon the grade being awarded, the portfolio will be returned to the student.

Credit earned through portfolio is initiated through the completion of the Credit by Assessment form. The complete file, first signed by the student, is retained by the faculty assessor. Upon awarding the grade for the portfolio, the faculty assessor will return the signed Credit by Assessment form along with the grade to the PLA Coordinator. The faculty assessor will be paid the assessment fee of $75.00 upon receipt of the Credit by Assessment form. The student’s account will be charged the Board approved PLA fee upon receipt of the grade in the Registrar’s office.  

Credit earned through portfolio resources:

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