Office of the Treasurer

Drop for Non-Payment

What is Drop for Non-Payment?
Drop for Non-Payment is the removal of all courses in a specific semester for failure to settle an existing account balance.

How do I know if my courses are subject to being dropped?
Prior to the Drop for Non-Payment process, you will receive notification via your University email address.

How can I avoid having my courses dropped?
To ensure that your courses are not dropped, be sure your student account balance is paid in full by the published deadline for each semester .  You can make a payment through the myUT portal.

When will Drop for Non-Payment occur?
Dates are posted on the Treasurer's website under Important Dates each semester.

How will I know if my courses have been dropped (including wait-listed courses)?
An email will be sent to your University email address after courses have been dropped.

How do I re-register for my courses if they were dropped?
All financial matters will need to be resolved first in order for you to re-register for your courses.  Once resolved, you may register for any available courses.

Whom may I contact for help?
Please contact Rocket Solution Central (RSC) with any questions you may have.  RSC is located in Rocket Hall 1200, or you may call 419.530.8700 to talk with an RSC team member during business hours. 

Last Updated: 6/27/22