Office of the Treasurer

Student Refunds

Credit card refunds may be issued back to the original credit card used for payment on the student account. Credit card refunds will never exceed the original credit card payment amount. Credits may show up on the account holder’s online credit card account within days, although the exact time frame will depend on the credit card issuer.

The University of Toledo issues all other refunds by E-Refund. E-refunds are designed to better serve the needs of our students.  E-Refunds are offered through our service provider, TouchNet, and is integrated into myUT portal.

                                                                   ALL STUDENTS NEEDS TO SETUP A REFUND PROFILE via myUT portal!

What is Student e-Refunds?

E-Refunds is  easy, fast, and convenient. 

E-Refunds is a service used to process refunds electronically to students and their parents by direct deposit.  

Students have the option to receive their refunds electronically through Direct Deposit (ACH) to a US bank account.

Borrowers receiving a Parent (PLUS) loan refunds, now have the option to receive refunds through direct deposit (US bank account) by setting up a refund profile as an authorized user.  

Refund options

    1. Direct deposit (E-Refund) to existing savings or checking account
    2. Paper check mailed to the US address UToledo has on file

Direct deposit refund (e-refunds)

The E-Refunds process utilizes TouchNet ACH Validation when a student or authorized user sets up an E-Refund profile.  Your account will be validated within TouchNet, if it cannot be validated, the account will not be made available for use as an E-Refund. 

Please contact your bank to verify your bank information before setting up an E-Refund profile if you do not have your bank account and routing numbers.  A bank account number is not a debit card number.   

You may follow the steps below to enroll in E-Refunds. 

    1. Log in to myUT
    2. Select Student tab
    3. Under My Toolkit, My Accounts
    4. Select E-Refund and Profile Setup
    5. This link will take you to our service provider
    6. Under My Profile Setup, select Electronic Refunds
    7. Select Direct Deposit, this will prompt you to enter in your banking information
    8. Once complete, select Save as Current Refund Method

If your bank account or routing number has changed, it is the student's responsibility to remove the existing account and setup a new account within your refund profile.

Paper check

If your preference is  a paper check, it is important that UToledo has a valid US address on file.  You may view or update your address within myUT portal (Student tab, Under My Toolkit, My Other Resources, Update Addresses & Phones).  Please note, this refund option will take longer to receive and is dependent on the US Postal service.  

Parent (Plus) Loan refunds

This is the ONLY type of refund that will process directly to the parent or borrower.

UToledo now offers direct deposit for the Parent (PLUS) loan refunds if the parent or borrower is an authorized user on the student's TouchNet account and enrolled for E-Refunds as an authorize user. 

If an E-Refund profile is not setup a paper checks will be mailed to the parent or borrower at the address on file with the Office of Student Financial Aid. 


Parent (PLUS) loan refunds will not process to the E-Refund account under the student login unless it was designated on the loan application to issue refunds directly to the student.

An email with instructions on how to setup a refund profile will be sent to the eligible borrower.

Electronic Notifications

Electronic emails will be sent to your UToledo email address:

    • When a refund is in progress and a refund profile needs to be setup
    • When a refund has been issued

UToledo Employees who are also Students

All students regardless of their employment status with the university will need to setup a refund profile to receive refunds electronically.  

Stop Payment Charge

In the event you do not receive your refund check in the mail, and wish for another one to be processed, a stop payment fee will be posted to your student account.  The stop payment fee may be deducted from the reissued check. 

Stop payment requests on refund checks will only be processed once the check has been missing for 10 business days from the date of mailing.  The stop payment form, may be found on the Treasurer's Student Forms and Information website.

Additional Questions

All questions regarding student accounts are handled by our Rocket Solution Central Office (RSC) located at Rocket Hall 1200 and may be reached at 419.530.8700. 

Last Updated: 6/3/24