Office of the Treasurer

Student Forms and Information

All questions regarding student accounts are handled by our Rocket Solution Central Office (RSC) located at Rocket Hall 1200 and may be reached at 419.530.8700. 

Registration & Refund Dates

Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission Sponsorship – Financial Guarantee Requirement Information - bi-lingual

Direct Deposit
Direct deposit is highly encouraged and is the fastest, most secure method to receive any student account refund If a paper check is issued and it is lost, stolen, never received, etc., students encounter significant delays replacing a check, subject to a $20 per check Search and Stop Payment Fee, etc..

Rocket Card Financial Aid Transfers
Students who have excess financial aid available and who have requested funds to be transferred to their rocket card should have funds available one week prior to classes starting.  The student account will reflect a transfer of funds for the specific term.

Federal Title IV Authorization/Restriction
This authorization allows students who receive financial aid (federal loans and grants), to authorize aid to pay for optional fees such as parking permits, legal service fees, telephone charges, etc.).  Restriction will require a student to pay these types of optional fees on the student account separately and the University will not be permitted to use any federal title IV funds to be used as payment.

Financial Release (Privacy Release)
Once a student is 18 years of age, a financial release is needed in order for the Treasurer and Financial Aid Offices to release any financial information to anyone other than the student, including parents and spouses as an example. The student must complete the Financial Release Form via the myUT portal listing the parties to whom they wish information to be made available. This form is specific to the Treasurer, Financial Aid, and Rocket Solution Central Offices and does not allow release of grades.

Stop & Search Refund Check Form
There is a $20 Search & Stop Payment Fee will be added to my student account, even if this check has been cashed and cannot be reissued.  We recommend you allow three weeks from the check date for USPS delivery, before completing this request. If it has been less than 3 weeks, your refund may still arrive quicker than it can be reissued. 

Rocket Payment Plan
The Rocket Payment Plan application is available online.

Last Updated: 11/23/21