Tuition and Fees

Toledo Tuition Guarantee

The Toledo Tuition Guarantee Plan is a cohort-based, guaranteed undergraduate tuition program adopted in accordance with Ohio Revised Code $3345.48. It was approved by the University of Toledo’s Board of Trustees on Dec. 18, 2017 and the Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education on Jan. 30, 2018. The approved plan can be found here.


New, degree-seeking undergraduate students who enroll at The University of Toledo for the first time beginning summer or fall semester 2018 will be the first cohort to participate in the Toledo Tuition Guarantee Plan. The Plan provides a fixed undergraduate tuition rate and fixed-rate fees for four years.

Fees included in the Tuition Guarantee are the general fee and miscellaneous student services fee. On-campus housing and meal plan rates also are guaranteed for four years. Students who reside more than 25 miles from campus are required to live on campus for their first two years. (Residence hall space cannot be guaranteed beyond a student’s second year.)

College-specific fees, course fees, upper-level fees and the out-of-state surcharge for undergraduate students are not included in the Tuition Guarantee. Graduate students are ineligible for the Tuition Guarantee.

Under the Tuition Guarantee, undergraduate students are guaranteed the fixed rate for four years, which includes 12 consecutive (including summers) semesters, including any intersessions within that period. Students who take classes beyond their four-year guarantee period will pay the tuition rate set for the oldest unexpired cohort.

Students who take longer than four years to complete their degree because their program requires more than 126 hours for completion or is designed to take longer than four years because of required internships or co-ops will be granted a one-year extension of their guaranteed cohort period. The list of applicable programs can be found here.

Ohio Department of Education - Directive 2018-009

Last Updated: 10/6/22