Office of Workforce Development

Advisory Board Members 2019-2020

Barbara Kopp Miller Dean, University College, Chair of Advisory Board
 Deborah Andrews Director, Graduate Enrollment Management, College of Graduate Studies
 Michelle Drouillard Director, Experiential Learning and Career Services
 Brian Genide Director, LaunchPad Incubator
 Carrie S. Herr Director, Office of Quality and Continuous Learning
 Heather Huntley Director, University Accreditation and Program Review 
 Angie Jones Director, UT Family Business Center, College of Business and Innovation
 Marcia King-Blandford Associate Dean, University College 
 Anand S. Kunnathur Professor Emeritus, College of Business and Innovation 
 Eric Landversicht Career Tech Coordinator, Judith Herb College of Education
John M. Laux Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Service
Lenora McIntyre Operations Manager, Minority Business Development Center
Scott C. Molitor Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Shannon M. Neumann Senior Director of Academic Affairs and Online Operations, University College
Jordan Valdiviez Operations Manager, LaunchPad Incubation
Kathy S. Wilson Director, Greater Northwest Ohio Career Tech Prep
Ray Witte Dean, Judith Herb College of Education
Last Updated: 2/18/20