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How to apply - Pharm.d. 

High School Students

High school students have two pathways to secure a seat in the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) professional division: Direct Admission and Traditional Admission. Both options begin with entering pre-pharmacy at UToledo. 

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Direct Admission

High school applicants who indicate pre-pharmacy (PREP) as their major, will be offered the opportunity to apply for Direct Admission. Direct Admission will reserve placemeent in the Pharm.D. class of the student's third year of study. 

Direct Admission Application Requirements

  • High school GPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Essay
  • Virtual or phone interview
  • International students: TOEFL iBT minimum score of 80; four minimum sub-category scores of 18

Traditional Admission

As  UToledo pre-pharmacy majors, students are prepared to apply for the Pharm.D. program during their second year. PREP students follow a course of study which includes Pharm.D. prerequisites and the core requirements to receive a Bachelor of Science degree.

Non-High School Students

UToledo students from other majors and students from other colleges and universities may apply for admission through the Traditional Admission pathway. If you have a plan to complete the prerequisite courses and 60 total credit hours by the summer prior to starting in the professional division (P1 fall), you can apply directly to the Professional Pharm.D. program at UToledo today! Please note: a bachelor's degree is NOT required to apply.

Traditional Admission Requirements

  • Completion of prerequisite courses by summer prior to matriculation
  • 60 credit hours by summer prior to matriculation
  • Two evaluations (letters of reference)
  • Interview with pharmacy faculty (by invitation)
  • International students: TOEFL iBT minimum score of 80; four minimum sub-category scores of 18

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If you are a student who has college credit but are unusure if you meet the requirements to apply to the Pharm.D. program, we are happy to assist! Please contact our coordinator of Pharm.D. admissions, Meghan Schumaker. 

Meghan Schumaker

Meghan Schumaker

Coordinator of Pharm.D. Admissions


Last Updated: 10/5/22