College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

CD3 Mission and Strategic Thrusts


Tocultivate health-related interdisciplinary research programs within the Northwest Ohio life sciences research community and to facilitate R&D collaborations between the academic and private sectors such that useful technologies can be effectively matured and ultimately delivered to the marketplace for the benefit of the public.

Strategic Thrusts

  • To design, develop and test new drug therapies and diagnostics through R&D projects which synergize the collective interdisciplinary skills and expertise of the CD3's core and broad affiliate membership - emphasizing, especially, the resources present within the Northwest Ohio area.
  • To contribute to all facets of health-related R&D ranging from long-term basic research aimed at breakthrough technologies in the life sciences, to pre-clinical or clinical development studies on new or known methodologies - especially fostering projects which are directed toward improving the overall process of new drug discovery and development.
  • To nurture simultaneously a teaching environment that will demonstrate the strategic philosophies adopted by the pharmaceutical industry and that will exemplify, with real examples, the important role that medicinal chemistry can play in converting today's explosion of biotechnology-related discoveries into practical therapeutic-related modalities.
Last Updated: 6/30/19