University Policy

Human Resources

3364-25-01 Standards of conduct
3364-25-02 Hourly employment in multiple capacities
3364-25-04 Personnel records
3364-25-05 Holidays/Holiday Pay
3364-25-06 Dress code
3364-25-07 New employee orientation
3364-25-08 Jury or trial participation leave
3364-25-09 Licensure verification
3364-25-10 Unemployment compensation
3364-25-11 Student employment
3364-25-13 Work schedules for hourly employees
3364-25-14 Inclement weather or other emergency
3364-25-17 Pre-employment drug testing
3364-25-18 Nepotism
3364-25-19 Household moving expenses
3364-25-20 Employee assistance program
3364-25-21 Early learning center (day care)
3364-25-22 Recording time utilizing the automated system
3364-25-24 Transfer of Sick Leave
3364-25-25 Administrative leave with pay
3364-25-26 Leave of absence without pay
3364-25-27 Retirement policy
3364-25-28 Call back pay
3364_25_29 Employee recognition awards
3364-25-30 Family and Medical Leave Act
3364-25-31 CWA and classified_non union absenteeism policy
3364-25-32 Voluntary reduction in hours - salaried staff
3364-25-33 Light duty transitional return
3364_25_34 Conflicts with collective bargaining agreements
3364_25_35 Education assistance tuition waiver
3364_25_36 Vacation policy
3364-25-37 Flexible spending account plan
3364-25-38 Insurance - health, life, and disability; travel accident coverage; and dental, optical, and prescription drug coverage
3364-25-39 COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation ACT re: continuation of health coverage)
3364-25-40 On call pay
3364-25-41 Dispute resolution for non-faculty employees not subject to collective bargaining agreements
3364-25-42 Tax sheltered annuities
3364-25-43 Classified continuous service
3364-25-44 Independent contractor status
3364-25-45 Performance evaluation non faculty
3364-25-47 Criminal background check
3364-25-48 Separation from employment
3364-25-49 Outside employment
3364-25-50 Conflict of interest
3364-25-51 Solicitation, advertising and distribution
3364-25-52 Personal days for hourly employees
3364-25-55 Absenteeism tardiness guidelines-HSC
3364-25-56 Compensatory time accrual and use
3364-25-59 Compensation and Salary Administration
3364-25-60 New and existing H-1B visa employees
3364-25-62 Appointment and classification
3364-25-65 Consensual romantic and/or sexual relationships
3364-25-67  Workplace violence
3364-25-101  Overtime
3364-25-103  Surviving spouse benefits contract employees
3364-25-104  Drug and alcohol testing-MC
3364-25-105  Drug and alcohol abuse-HSC
3364-25-106  Drug and alcohol testing-HSC
3364-25-110  Probationary period

3364-25-111  Corrective action; non bargaining unit employees

3364-25-112  Working out of classification
3364-25-113  Recruitment of personnel and hiring procedures
3364-25-114  Wage increases-non contract employees

3364-25-116  Employment eligibility verification

3364-25-117  Reclassifications and audits

3364-25-119  Personnel actions

3364-25-122  Attendance and absence from premises-HSC

3364-25-123  Leaves of Absence (other than FMLA and sick leave accrual-HSC

3364-25-125  Sick Leave

3364-25-126  Reporting of absences

Last Updated: 2/22/17