University Policy

Policies Posted for Comment

Draft and recently signed policies are posted here for review and comment by The University of Toledo community for thirty days. Draft policies do not have official status as approved policies until the Approving Officer has signed the policies. Some policies may be signed in advance of the vetting period to comply with the requirement of federal or state laws or regulations or accrediting agencies.

Please direct any comments or questions regarding the policies posted for comment to or click on the icon under "comment on this policy." Please state the name of the policy in the subject line. Comments received on the policy will be forwarded to the policy's responsible agent or agent's designee.

To join our mailing list for email notification of updates and additions to the Policies Posted for Comment, please send an email to with "policies posted for comment" in the subject line.

NOTE:  The University’s policies ultimately become a part of the Ohio Administrative Code.  The Administrative Code is written in lower case.  As each UT policy comes due for review, it will be formatted according to the Ohio Legislative Service Commission Drafting Manual.  Many words that normally would be capitalized will not be capitalized in the text of the policy.  For example – university of Toledo, president of the United States, supreme court, holidays such as Christmas day (Christmas is capitalized but day is not).  The Drafting Manual includes many other grammatical guidelines.  The header box and the signature box do not need to comply with these rules.  Please do not send comments asking to revise capitalization, outline format, grammar, etc.    



Last Updated: 2/29/24