Technology Transfer

how to contact us

The Office of Technology Transfer is located in the Research & Technology Complex 1 building, 2600 Dorr St., Toledo, OH 43606. 

The mailing address is 2801 W. Bancroft St., M.S. 218, Toledo, OH 43606.

Lokesh Mohan, MBA - Licensing Associate

Lokesh Mohan, M.B.A.

Licensing Associate

Phone:  419.530.6231

Katie Pollard, MBA - Licensing Associate

Katherine Pollard, M.B.A., C.A.P.M.

Licensing Associate

Phone:  419.530.6228

Stephen Snider, JD - Associate Vice President for Technology Transfer

Stephen Snider, J.D. 

Associate Vice President Tech Transfer
Associate General Counsel

Phone:  419.530.6225
Jackie Wilkinson - IP Administrator

Jackie Wilkinson, M.Ed.

IP Administrator

Phone:  419.530.6224

Last Updated: 4/27/22