About Initiate

Can self-driving cars be hacked? Can our highways become even more dangerous? This project (INITIATE) combines multiple theories (the fusion of activity theory, social constructivist learning theory, and project-based learning) to form its conceptual framework or approach to this study. The project, guided by its conceptual framework, will use the Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM) to guide professional development that uses problem-based learning to help grade 9-12 science teachers integrate Computational Thinking into their teaching. Activities will use smart vehicles as a mechanism to engage Career Technical Education and mathematics teachers, alongside with 9-12 students to better understand why and how to embed computational thinking in their curriculum. The program should contribute meaningfully to the understanding of effective characteristics of professional development. The project is funded by the STEM+Computing program, which seeks to address emerging challenges in computational STEM areas through the applied integration of computational thinking and computing activities within disciplinary STEM teaching and learning in early childhood education through high school (preK-12).
This project emerges from a well-designed research plan and an explicit implementation schedule which addresses whether a PBL focused topic is an effective medium for making mathematics more engaging and relevant to students. The project will also investigate common concerns inhibiting teacher enactment of CT in mathematics and CTE teaching and whether a relationship exists between teachers' CBAM score and implementation of PBLThe practice of developing collaborative partnerships between mathematics and CTE teachers to design and test their courses employing PBL techniques is unique and may serve as a powerful and replicable model for making mathematics more relevant to students.
Last Updated: 6/27/22