2 week course in the summer with all activities anticipated being completed during a regular work day. Inquiry Sessions: Focused on answering the project-based smart car questions. General Sessions: Focused on topics to build knowledge and skills (e.g. project-based learning). Debriefing Sessions:Time to ask questions and plan together for the academic year.
  • $2500stipend + a Tablet each year
  • Pre-SummerInstitute (2-hr PD session): Technology Training (if needed)
  • Directly after 2-week Summer Institute: $1500
  • End of academic year (after participation in monthly TBT meetings and annual conference): $1000
  • 3 graduate credit hours from UT (all fees, parking and books, if applicable) each year
  • $500 budget for classroom supplies each year
  • All smart car activity materials each year
  • Food will be provided at the summer institute and all meetings
  • Currently teach 9th-12th grade Mathematics or Career Technical Education courses
  • Commit to participating in the INITIATE program for three years (includes annual 2-week Summer Institute: TBD, continually participate in monthly academic year TBT meetings: TBD, annual academic year conference: TBD)
  • Commit to opening your classroom for required research and evaluation (e.g.videotaping, assessments, etc.)
  • Openness to trying new things and making it phenomenal project.
Last Updated: 6/27/22