Army ROTC Rocket Battalion

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Army officers embody honor, leadership and courage. UToledo’s Rocket Battalion challenges you to hone your discipline and character to become a stronger leader.

As part of the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) you’ll gain the tools, support and preparation to launch your college career and graduate as an officer in the U.S. Army.



Meet Our Cadets


Morgan Wityk

Class of 2022, Criminal Justice

“The 1st Squadron’s Spur Ride was a grueling adventure that let me interact with those who were enlisted and taught me that I had the ability to push through.”

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Fadilla Hassan

Class of 2022, Nursing

“Completing a nursing internship at Walter Reed Medical Center, also known as The President’s Hospital, was only possible through the ROTC program.”

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Lauryen Smith

Class of 2022, Pharmaceutical Science

“My internship at the 528th Sustainment Brigade made me stronger, wiser and created long-lasting relationships with other cadets.”

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Last Updated: 4/17/23