Adult and Transfer Admission

Transfer Your Credits

Our goal is to make sure the maximum number of your credits transfer to UToledo. We want to help you complete your degree as efficiently and quickly as possible.

UToledo accepts a variety of transfer credits, from AP credits to military credits and more. Learn more about the types of transfer credit we accept

1. Contact a transfer specialist

Your best bet is to schedule an appointment with a member of our transfer team as soon as you think you might want to transfer. We are happy to meet with you virtually or face to face. We field emails and phone calls, too.

TRANSFER TIP: This unofficial evaluation will give you a good idea of which credits will transfer and how your credits will apply to your intended UToledo degree. We provide official transfer evaluations after you are admitted.

To schedule a meeting
419.530.8888; 800.586.5336 (ask for the Transfer Admission office)
Rocket Hall 1100

Find your counselor and Schedule a meeting online

What to bring with you to the meeting

  • Unofficial transcripts from every college you attended

    We can't stress enough how important transcripts are.
    Transcripts are essential if you want the most accurate evaluation of how credit might transfer to UToledo.
    • Unofficial transcripts are OK for now. We'll need official transcripts when you apply to UToledo.
    • We need transcripts from every college you attended: not just your last one, not just the ones at which you earned credit. We need one from every institution, even those at which you started a class but never finished.
    • Even if you think your credits won't transfer or don't want to transfer credits from a previous institution, we still need your transcript(s).

    How to get your unofficial transcript:

    Are you still a current student at another institution? Your student portal should give you access to your transcript. Print or download a free transcript as a PDF.

    Are you no longer attending a previous institution? Contact the Registrar/Records office at the school to request a transcript. Most schools allow you to order transcripts online. There will be a fee.

  • A list of questions

  • Some idea of what you want to study at UToledo

    You don't have to make a firm decision about your major at this point. But it's helpful for us to know your goals and what you're considering. Each degree program has different prerequisites and requirements. While the University may accept your transfer credits, your credits may not apply to your intended degree program.

    To better assist you and optimize our time together, please email us all this information — attaching your transcript(s) — before you meet with us.

2. Apply to UToledo

Only after you submit your application with official transcripts will you get an official notice of what credits transfer to UToledo. The official credit evaluation is available once you receive your notice of admission.

How we evaluate your credits How to Apply

After we notify you that you're admitted and you create your myUT account, you will have access to your official evaluation of your transfer credit.

Learn more about what to do after you're admitted


Transferology is a free online service that allows you to see if your previous college credits transfer to UToledo.
It can be a good tool, but we encourage you to speak to a transfer specialist as well. They are your best resource.

Tips on using Transferology

Have Questions?

Contact our UToledo Adult and Transfer Team.

Call 419.530.8888 or 800.586.5336
(ask for the Adult and Transfer Admission office)
Visit 1100 Rocket Hall
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Last Updated: 7/15/24