Counseling Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my visits confidential?

Communication between the student and the staff of the Counseling Center is confidential and will not be disclosed without the student's written permission. The law in the State of Ohio provides the following exceptions.

  • If the therapist has knowledge of abuse of a child, elder, or a person with a disability.
  • If the therapist has knowledge of intent to harm himself/herself or others.
  • If the therapist receives a court order to the contrary.
  • If the therapist or graduate student in training is supervised or consults with another clinical or counseling psychologist or mental health counselor within the center.

Who is eligible to use the Counseling Center services?

University of Toledo Main Campus and Health Science Campus undergraduate, graduate or professional students who are currently registered are eligible to use the Counseling Center services.

Is a spouse, partner or family eligible for services?

A spouse or partner is eligible for services if both are registered students.

How many sessions are students eligible for?

The Counseling Center offers as many sessions as needed to address the specific area of concern, which is determined during the initial interview.

Is there a charge for the services?

No. Services for counseling are provided to registered students at no cost.

What is better: individual or group therapy?

Neither type of therapy is better. Both individual and group therapy are beneficial. The therapist in conjunction with the student will determine the appropriate type of therapy.

Will the student's counseling records be a part of  his/her academic record?

All counseling records are confidential and are not part of the academic record.

Do some graduate schools, professional board or regulatory agencies request counseling records?

Yes, some graduate schools, professional board or regulatory agencies request counseling records. It is the decision of the student to acknowledge whether s/he has received therapy when asked. However, the Counseling Center can only release information with written permission.

What hours is the Counseling Center open?

The Counseling Center is open between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM on Monday through Friday except for University-observed holidays.

How does a student know if s/he needs counseling?

Counseling is appropriate for anyone who is troubled by a specific problem or has a general concern. Students seek out counseling for personal growth, increased self-awareness, depression, anxiety, family and interpersonal issues, as well as for acute problems or crises. A good first step to see if your symptoms indicate that counseling may be helpful is to take our online screenings.

What is the Screening for Counseling Service?

When a student uses our screening for Counseling Service, they are not making a commitment beyond that one session. The screening service provides an opportunity for a student to discuss what counseling encompasses and to determine if this would be appropriate or beneficial. Referral services are available. If the screening counselor recommends individual or group counseling at the Counseling Center, the student would be assigned a therapist and would generally meet for a number of sessions or a period of time that is mutually agreed upon. Counseling sessions are typically for 50 minutes and groups run for a semester.

What happens after the screening appointment? 

The University Counseling Center will call a student after they are assigned to a counselor after the screening appointment.  On average, a student gets assigned a counselor within 5 business days of the screening appointment.  If you haven't heard anything after a week, call the Counseling Center main line at 419.530.2426.

What are the qualifications of the Counseling Center clinical staff?

Clinicians have varied education and training and are licensed by their respective Boards in Ohio as licensed psychologists, licensed professional clinical counselors or licensed independent social workers.

Do you have a psychiatrist on staff?

No, however, psychiatric services are provided by Dr. Riese on the Health Science Campus. Dr. Riese may be contacted at 419.383.3815.

Last Updated: 8/14/19