Counseling Center


Individual Counseling

Staff members can help students explore, understand, and work through problems on a one-to-one basis.  Individual personal counseling can help students find alternatives, expand choices, and overcome obstacles that interfere with personal development and a sense of well-being.  The clarification and resolution of personal problems often facilitate a student's ability to concentrate, increase clarity regarding academic direction and career choice, and stabilize and enhance relationships.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can help students learn how to communicate more effectively with a partner resolve conflicts and develop a more mutually satisfying relationship.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is an effective treatment modality for many types of interpersonal concerns.  It allows you to share your concerns with other students who have similar issues while receiving support from group members and counselors.  You also have the opportunity to learn about alternative ways of looking at personal problems.  Lastly, you learn new ways of relating to others.


Outreach programs are a service provided by the Counseling Center to assist in the development of University of Toledo students.  Programs focus on relevant issues that students may face on a daily basis.  These issues include stress management, relaxation, eating disorders, time management, relationship building, and interpersonal skills.


We are available to consult with students, faculty and staff and parents.

Assessment Inventories

Formal assessment inventories in the areas of personality, intellectual status, emotional and mental status, substance abuse, eating habits, and study strategies may be administered and interpreted to assist in the counseling process. Students interested in assessment must first meet with a therapist to determine which instruments would be most helpful.

Professional Training

Doctoral level graduate students in Clinical Psychology and Counselor Education & Supervision programs from The University of Toledo may request an onsite experience at the Counseling Center.  Master's level students in the MSW program at The University of Michigan and The University of Toledo can also request the Counseling Center as an internship site.  All graduate students in training are closely supervised.


A psychiatrist is available on the Health Science Campus.  Referrals for psychiatric consultation and/or evaluations may be made through the client's counselor, or a student can call Dr. Riese's office at (419) 383-3815 to schedule a psychiatric appointment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Last Updated: 3/30/20