Office of Residence Life

About Res Life

Living on campus connects students with the vibrant life of the University. The close-knit, supportive on-campus community offers students a place to live and work that distinctly enhances their college experience by putting them at the center of everything: classes and labs, the library, advising and academic support, and so much more!


The Office of Residence Life promotes student growth and opportunities through safe, supportive, inclusive, and academically-focused environments in premier housing communities led by caring and engaging staff. 

Residence Hall v. Dorm

The terms "residence hall" and "dorm" are often used interchangeable. However, there is a difference between the two. An important objective of residence halls at The University of Toledo is to provide not only a place to sleep, but opportunities for educational and personal growth. UT offers residential living communities to enhance the intellectual climate and provide nurturing and inclusive environments that facilitate engaged student learning and citizenry.

Aside from the obvious advantage of access and convenience, living on campus is a great way to meet people and make life-long friends that transforms out of class time into a much richer and deeper experience.


Last Updated: 6/27/22