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How to Add, Drop or With draw from a Class?


Adding/Dropping a Course:

Please visit this site to learn how to add/drop courses and use the “Plan Ahead” registration feature in the myUT Portal.

Withdrawing from a Course:

Please read through each step below to take into consideration BEFORE withdrawing from any course.

Step 1: Consult with your instructor to see if you can successfully pass the class. Discuss the course requirements and determine what grade is mathematically possible at this stage in the semester.

Step 2: Connect with your academic advisor (or high school guidance counselor if you are a CCP student) to find out how withdrawing will affect you academically and your overall plan of study.  Unsure of how to contact your advisor? Here is a link with the information. 

Step 3: Contact Rocket Solution Central (RSC) at, 419.530.8700, or Rocket Hall 1200 to find out how withdrawing will affect you financially. It is important that you understand how changing your credit hours may affect your financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships) now and in the future.

Step 4: Determine the best option for your situation BEFORE you withdraw.  Consider how withdrawing from the class will affect you academically and financially, and if this is really in your best interest at this time. 

Step 5. If you are a military-connected student, please consult with the Military Service Center before withdrawing from any courses. 

Step 6If you are an International Student, please contact the Office of International Student & Scholar Services before withdrawing from any courses.

 Steps to Withdraw through the myUT Portal

  • If you decide to withdraw from a course(s), log into your myUT portal.
  • Under the Student tab, click the "Register/drop/withdraw courses" link, then the "register for classes" link.
  • Once you see your classes listed on the bottom right, there is a drop down menu beside each class with a drop/withdraw option.
  • Select that option and click "Submit changes" at the bottom.
  • Verify you did this correctly by looking at your schedule "Student detail schedule".

If you have a hold on your student account you will be unable to withdraw from a course through the myUT Portal.  You will need to submit a withdraw form found here to Rocket Solution Central.

Last Updated: 3/8/24