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How to Print on Campus?

Each semester The University of Toledo provides students with a print quota that is determined by their college.  

Students have the option to increase their quote in units of 1,000.  Print quotas are valid for the current semester and expire on the last Friday of exam week.  The quota can be used to print or make copies on our multi-functional devices (copiers and printers).  To purchase additional print quota, please click here.   Learn more on student quota here.

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You will find information on the following:

Follow Me Printing

With the Xerox print management service, we will be implementing a Follow Me Printing feature that allows a user to print their documents as they normally would, but adds the option to have them release the jobs to any printer in your organization with a simple authentication (ID Card or enter UTAD credentials) done at their selected device.  This function will negate the concern about printing sensitive materials. 

Map FollowMe Printer (Mac)
Map Printer Instructions (Mac)
Map Printer Instructions (Windows)
Scanning to OneDrive
Xerox Multi-function Printers
Xerox Quick Guide
Xerox Quick Faxing Guide
Xerox Color and B&W Printing


Mobility Printing - Android
Mobility Printing - iOS
Mobility Printing - MacOS
Mobility Printing - Windows
Web Print

 Printers and copiers are located across campus in the University Libraries and also in your college.


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