Learning Enhancement Center (LEC)

Study Strategies & Resources

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Tips to help you succeed in college 

Time Management
Principles for Effective Time Management
Scheduling and Setting Goals
Printable to-do lists                               



How to Read & Remember
Your Textbook


Study Skills
Effective Study Habits
A.S.P.I.R.E - a study system



How to Survive and Thrive
in Your Math Class

Test Taking
Ten Tips for Terrific Test Taking
True/False Tests
Multiples Choice Tests

What Your College Professor
Expects From You

Math Tools
Math Tests
Solving Linear Equations
Solving Math Word Problems
Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Organizing Your Paper

Math On-Line Resource
Khan Academy

How to Best Use a Tutor

Accounting On-Line Resource



Study Groups: Strategies & Tips
for Successful Collaboration                         



Making Group Work -
Work for You























Last Updated: 6/27/22