TRiO Student Support Services

TRIO Student Support Services Forms

The TRIO Student Support Services program is retention program for selected participants which offers:
  • tutoring assistance in college courses and study skills
  • strategic academic advising and counseling
  • career and personal counseling and referrals
  • cultural and leadership activities
  • assistance with admission to graduate and professional programs
  • financial and economic literacy and financial planning information
  • information on federal student financial aid programs
  • student mentors

Simple Application

Applying to the TRIO SSS program is very simple. There are three forms to be completed. You may e-mail the forms to us with a scanned signature or print and forward the forms with your original signature. If you need assistance in answering any of the questions, please contact our office.

click button to go to online app

We have two versions of the application for your convenience.

dowload adobe formStudent Support Services Simple Application (PDF format) This is the preferred method. 
word applicationStudent Support Services Simple Application in Word format.

For all versions of the application, signatures are required.

You can complete the Simple Application in a few minutes and schedule an appointment in our office. It is the first step in the Application Process. Be sure to sign all forms and send them to the TRIO office or bring them to your Intake Meeting. Once the Simple Application has been received, you will complete an Intake to assess your academic needs and goals for the year. Acceptance letters are generally sent after the Intake meeting. 

Where to Send Your Application

Once you've downloaded the Simple Application, please follow these directions:

    1. Complete the application in ink. Sign and date the application. Attach all required documentation.
    2. drop off Submit the application along with all income information to the TRIO SSS office in 0300 Carlson Library.
    3. mailOr you can mail it to Robin Stone, TRIO Student Support Services, 0300 Carlson Library, Mail Stop 523, Toledo, OH, 43606-3390.
    4. fax Or fax your completed application to 419.530.3841 to our secure fax.

Please, be aware that some email are incorrectly labeled as junkmail or spam.  Contact the TRIO SSS office in a separate email or by telephone to verify receipt of the information. 

    • If the university classifies you as an independent student, a copy of your own most recent federal tax form is acceptable.
    • If you or your parents did not file a federal tax return, complete the Simple Application with the requested information. This will act as your statement of income.
  1. Contact our office for an Intake Interview. The average processing time once all materials have been received is one week.

Intake Packet

If you are applying to the TRIO SSS program from far away, or if you cannot schedule an Intake appointment right away, please complete the Intake Packet. It is presented here in two formats for your convenience.

Intake Packet (PDF Form)
TRIO cannot process an incomplete application, and you will not be eligible for services until this application is completed. The information you provide on the application form will be held in the strictest confidence.

Academic Service Request Form

To request academic services complete the request form. The Academic Services Request form can be used to identify your tutoring and other academic support needs. Click here to open the PDF form in a new window. This form is reserved for current students. New students should first apply to the program prior to requesting academic services.

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Last Updated: 4/14/15