TRiO Student Support Services


All TRIO SSS resources are located in the Garden Level of Carlson Library, Suite 300.

TRIO SSS Technology Lab

Located in room 300J, the technology lab has

  • Computers with Office 2010
  • DVD/VCR TV for viewing video materials
  • Research stations equipped with two monitors
  • Staging area for organizing your projects

Each computer is equipped with

Adaptive Technology
  • Large text keyboards
  • headphone available to borrow

Rules for the Technology Lab

image of sign of lab rules

For the privacy and safety of students using the TRIO Technology Lab, students should observe the following rules:

  • No Eating - Be courteous as there are tables located throughout the suite at which you can eat.
  • No Drinking - Only covered containers are permitted and all drink containers should be discarded into the nearest trash bin.
  • No Talking on a Phone - All conversations should be conducted outside of the technology lab for your privacy and the privacy of others.
  • No Loud Headphones - If your music can be overheard by any one sitting next to you, you will be asked to turn down the sound or leave the lab.
  • Log off - students should completely log out of the UTAD network when leaving a computer.
  • Ask a staff member if you need assistance - The TRIO Technology Lab is NOT a public lab. Therefore it is open when an SSS staff member is present. Paper is a limited resource and students should expect to print a few pages at a time in the lab. Additionally, students are not permitted to scavenge the offices of staff members for office supplies.

Resource Lab:
The APA Publication Manual
Older editions of Math and Science books are available for short-term loan

Tutoring Resources:

Basic Braille Math Tactile Kit
Recent editions of popular math and science text books
Scientific calculator
Dry-Erase boards

Graduate School Resource:

Online GMAT guide for students can be found by following this link.

Resource guide for those who are (or want to be) the first in their family to attend college at First Generation Student

Last Updated: 10/8/19