Department of Exploratory Studies

Pre-Major Program

The Pre-Major Program here in University College is an associate’s degree program aimed at providing you with additional services and programs that will assist you in fulfilling your educational goals.

During your time as a pre-major student, you will:

  • Take a reduced credit load
  • Attend a specialized orientation course
    • UC 1150: Orientation for College Success (3-credits)
  • Participate in a cohort based curriculum

After a student’s first semester within the Associates Degree Program, students will be re-evaluated to determine if they meet the requirements to officially declare a major in the college of their choice.  After that first semester, if students are above a 2.0 cumulative GPA but still wish to remain undeclared in Exploratory Studies, the Department will move students into a bachelor’s degree program temporarily until they are ready to declare their major.

Last Updated: 2/22/21