Department of Exploratory Studies

Exploratory Studies Program

Most student in Exploratory Studies already have a strong idea of the major they want to declare. That’s great! These students who are admitted to University College will discuss educational plans and pathways, and can take advantage of the specialized services offered in our college to help them achieve their educational goals.

Goals for Exploratory Studies students:

  1. Review your major of interest for admission guidelines and requirements

  2. Discuss the admission guidelines and requirements for your major of interest with your University College Academic Advisor and create a strategy to meet these goals

  3. Check in regularly (every semester) with your Academic Advisor to ensure progress is being made towards your major of interest

  4. Be open and flexible to exploring all potential paths to degree completion

What You’ll Study as an Exploratory Studies student:

You will work one-on-one with an academic advisor to identify and assess your skills and goals to develop a degree plan that connects your intended major.

Being Exploratory Studies student within University College allows you to actively engage in major and career exploration, while taking courses that count toward graduation. Through the UToledo Core curriculum, students are exposed to coursework from across the undergraduate colleges, so students may use the UToledo Core general education requirements as a starting point on their exploration and exposure to their areas of interest.

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Last Updated: 4/24/23