Department of Exploratory Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I in the Department of Exploratory Studies?

a.)  You are undecided (one of the biggest “majors” on campus). One out of five students enter college as undecided.
b.)  You didn’t meet the admission requirements to be in the major of your choice.

It could be because:

  • You don’t have enough credits in math or chemistry from high school
  • You haven’t taken the ACT or SAT test
  • Your high school GPA was not high enough to meet the requirements of the major.

Once you meet the required college GPA and have the necessary college courses/credit hours, you may declare your desired major.

How do I declare my major?  

Make an appointment with an academic advisor to discuss the next steps in declaring your major

How long can I stay in the Department of Exploratory Studies?

It is recommended to be in the Department of Exploratory Studies for no longer than three semesters. Once you establish a UToledo GPA and meet the GPA requirements of your intended major, we will help you transition into the college that houses that major. You should declare your major as soon as you meet the requirements.

While in the Department of Exploratory Studies, what classes will I take? 

See your Exploratory Studies advisor. You will be taking classes from UToledo’s core curriculum offerings to help you meet university requirements for a degree. Our advisors can help you work toward your intended degree, while keeping your options for a major open as long as possible.

What if I don’t know what to major in?

Students will take UC1120: Career and Self-Evaluation. This course provides students with opportunities for self-discovery while at the same time learning how their individual strengths, values, and skills correspond with particular majors and careers. 

Students can also talk to a Rocket Career Center counselor as well as their Exploratory Studies advisor to find out what the competitive GPA requirements are for specific majors.

Will I have an assigned academic adviser?

Students in the Department of Exploratory Studies should call 419.530.3142 to schedule an appointment with one our academic advisors.

I am a transfer student.  What classes will transfer?

Transfer students must submit an official transcript to determine which classes will transfer to The University of Toledo. Once this is determined, students should meet with an academic advisor to discuss course options. 

How do I qualify for Financial Aid? How do I apply?

Visit the UToledo Financial Aid web site for all the information.

If you need assistance filling out your FAFSA, contact Rocket Solutions Central for assistance. 

Last Updated: 5/13/24