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International Institutional Affiliations Guidelines & Templates

BuildingThe University of Toledo is engaged in a variety of international activities across the globe.

For UT faculty, colleges and their departments, international collaboration brings challenges in developing and managing international partnership agreements. CISP provides the guidelines and support to UT faculty and staff for moving to the collaborative partnership conceptualization stage of developing an MOU.

Generally, after visiting a partner’s campus, collaborating on research projects or other academic pursuits, the initiator will request a non-binding “Letter of Intent” or a broader “Memorandum of Understanding.” A MOU works well to define formal relationships between departments, colleges and academic units.

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Definitions and Templates

Generally, international academic linkage agreements (LOI and MOU), should be considered when a document is needed to provide a formal framework which may benefit collaborative work processes. Formal linkage documents are signed by counterparts at collaborating institutions and validated for a predetermined period of time after which the linkage will be evaluated and then renewed, reformulated, or terminated. All agreements, whether contractual or not, have to be reviewed and approved by the Assistant Provost for International Studies and Programs, Dr. Sammy Spann before they are signed by other University officials.

Cooperative Memorandum of Understanding(CMOU)

Expresses an interest in establishing an academic linkage with another organization. The Cooperative Memorandum of Understanding expresses an interest in establishing an academic linkage with another organization to promote academic collaboration. Many university academic departments may propose to start an international relationship with a Letter of Intent. In an LOI, both organizations mutually intend to establish ties of friendship and cooperation for promoting mutual understanding and academic, cultural, and personnel exchange.

The CMOU does not create any legal or financial relationship between the parties. A department head or dean may sign an LOI on behalf of his/her department or college. Please send a signed copy of the Letter of Intent to the Center for International Studies and Programs via email to (subject line "Letter of Intent"), or campus mail MS 131. 

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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Formal documents that outline broader areas of cooperation. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a formal document that outlines broader areas of cooperation and adheres to a more detailed review process than a Letter of Intent (LOI). The MOU serves to articulate and clarify the respective interests, roles and obligations of the collaborating institutions. It is a formal testimony to the history of an established relationship between two institutions.

The MOU does not detail in-depth arrangements however outlines a disciplinary focus and lays the groundwork for exploring more specific plans of action. An MOU is generally intended to support an activity that has the potential of expanding in scope to warrant the signing of a formal institutional agreement in the future.  MOU Development Process

If you are interested in establishing an MOU with another university, please contact the Assistant Provost for International Studies and Programs, Dr. Sammy Spann who can advise you regarding drafting and review process.

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Last Updated: 2/20/17