Jesup Scott Honors College

 JSHC Alumni Affiliate Advisory Board

Heidi Appel

Members of our Honors Alumni Affiliate support Honors education at UT by helping us to engage our graduates, including planning alumni events and other outreach efforts to build community among all for whom Honors has been home. If you are interested in becoming a member of this board, please contact me at

-- Dean Heidi Appel


Honors Alumni affiliate Board members

 Tom Barden

 Tom Barden, Ph.D.
 Founding Dean of Honors College
 Served 2006 - 2012
Natalie Bostelman

 Natalie Bostelman
 Mercy Health - Perrysburg Cancer Center
 2001 Honors Alumna

Josh Martin

 Joshua Martin, M.A.
 Assistant Director of Student Services
 Jesup Scott Honors College
 2009 Honors Alumnus

Donovan Nichols

 Donovan Nichols, M.Ed.
 Assistant Dean
 Student Involvement & Leadership
 2004 Honors Alumnus

Linda Smith

 Linda L. Smith, J.D., Ph.D., L.P.C.
 Former Associate Dean of JSHC
 Served 1992 - 2013
 1992 UT Alumna

Samantha Marchal

 Samantha Marchal, M.A.
 Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
 Alumni Engagement
 2012 UT Alumna

Patricia Winzeler

 Patricia Winzeler
 Investment Administrator
 The Trust Company
 1991 Honors Alumna

Gene Zmuda

 Gene Zmuda, J.D.
 Ohio 6th District Court of Appeals
 1981 Honors Alumnus

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