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Undergraduate Program Alumni


Class of 1999

  • Keri Aller (Rains) (£) completed a second BS in Exercise Science at UT in 2003. She graduated in December 2004 with a Master's in Physical Therapy from MCO. (posted 2004)
  • Brian Dunoski earned his MD from University of Cincinnati. He is a resident in radiology at Wayne State University Hospital. (posted July 2006)
  • Cory Dunn (£) completed his Ph.D. in the Department of Cell Biology at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He returned to UT in spring 2004 as one of the Molecular Medicine symposium speakers as part of the UT-University of Salford 20th Anniversary celebration on March 26, 2004. He is now a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics at Columbia University, NY. (posted July 2006)
  • Eric Kirkendall (£) finished medical school at The University of Cincinnati in 2003, and is a resident in Pediatrics at The Children's Hospital at University of Cincinnati. (posted 2004)
  • Valerie Kocsis (Kocsis-Johnson) (£), Dean's Medalist, graduated from MCO* in 2003 and is now a resident in Internal Medicine at the Rush Presbyterian School of Medicine Hospital (Chicago). (posted June 2005)
  • Milton Pommeranz (UT Law '02) works at Malone, Ault & Farell law firm in Toledo. (posted 2003)
  • Mark Schroeder (£) finished medical school at The University of Cincinnati in 2003, and he is doing an Internal Medicine residency at Washington University Hospital (St. Louis). (posted 2003)
  • Jamie Starkey is in Acupuncture School at American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus. (posted 2003) 

Class of 1998

  • Janelle Barnes is teaching at a high school in Westerville, South Carolina.(posted July 2006)
  • Michelle Ann DuPlain (£) completed the Physician’s Assistant program at Baylor University School of Medicine and is practicing in Mount Gilead, OH. (posted July 2006)
  • Brijesh M. Patel (£) completed the D.D.S. program at the Ohio State University, School of Dentistry and was selected for recognition by Delta Dental. (posted June 2004)
  • Joann Schmidt (£) did an MSc in Molecular Parasitology at Salford and then completed her PhD at Illinois (molecular parasitology). She was recently admitted to law school at University of Illinois. (posted December 2004)
  • Justin Ways completed his MS in Biomedical Sciences in Physiology and Molecular Medicine at the Medical University of Ohio, and is a 4th year student in the Molecular Basis of Disease (MCD) PhD. program at MCO*. (posted July 2006) 

Class of 1997

  • Jennifer Dircksen (Butler) (£) was accepted to the Liverpool School of Veterinary Medicine (UK) but chose to teach high school in Dayton. (posted June 2004)
  • John Gorman (£), Presidential Scholar, graduated with an MD from Michigan State School of Medicine. He is now practicing Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Northern Michigan Medicine and Pediatrics in Traverse City, MI. (posted 2006)
  • Jennifer Hawkins (£) is working with physicians in Toledo. (posted June 2004)
  • Patrick Klepcyk (£) completed an MBA after graduation and worked for some biotechnology firms in the Cleveland area. In spring 2004, he was appointed as the Licensing Associate for the Life Sciences in the Technology Transfer Office at Case Western University. (posted May 2004)
  • Mark Mandelbaum is the Labnet Logistics Coordinator for the Poliovirus Eradication International Unit at the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia. (posted 2003)
  • Benjamin Neuman (£) met his future wife, Nicola Benning, on the Salford exchange. He did his PhD in England at the University of Reading. He is an Assistant Professor in the Molecular and Integrative Neurosciences Department at Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. (posted May 2005)
  • Troy Puckett completed his DO from Ohio University and is completing his family practice residency at Elgin AFB, FL. (posted July 2006)
  • Amy Robertson was awarded a BS in nursing from UT in 1999. She then entered the Physician's Assistant program at MCO*. (posted June 2004)
  • Jonathan C. Schisler (£) completed an MS at UT in bioengineering in 2000 and a PhD in 2006 at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, TX. He is a postdoctoral fellow at the Sarah W. Stedman Nutrition and Metabolism Center at Duke University Medical Center with Chris Newgard. He began another fellowship at the Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center at UNC Chapel Hill in April 2006, focusing on stress response genes in multiple mouse models. (posted July 2006)
  • Payal Soni (Soni-Patel) (£) finished the M.S. program in Biomedical Sciences and a PA program at MCO* in 2001. She and her husband Hasmukh Patel live in Asheville, NC. (posted March 2004)
  • Estelle D'Souza (£) completed her MD at The University of Michigan School of Medicine and has completed her residency in Radiology. (posted March 2001) 

Class of 1996

  • Laryssa Maria Korduba (£) received a JD from the University of Houston Law School, in Houston Texas in 2003. She has started her own firm in Houston, TX. (posted Feb 2005)
  • Valerie Kufel (£) graduated with a BS in nursing from UT in May 2000. (updated May 2000)
  • Christy Frankowski earned her MS from UT in 1996. She married fellow UT student Stephen McGregor. She is working at Pfizer. (posted July 2006)
  • Joseph Maslar earned his MD from OSU and is an attending physician in the Emergency Department at Advocate Christ Medical Center located in Oak Lawn, Illinois. (posted July 2006)
  • Leslie O'Dowd graduated from OSU Dental School and is in private practice. (posted 2003)
  • Eric Proudfoot (£) is a research assistant at the Cleveland Clinic. (posted 2004)
  • Rachel Ream (£) received her PhD from Stanford in Biochemistry and was a Scientific Writer/ Editor on the Scientific and Medical Publications Team at Pro Ed Communications in Beachwood, OH for 2 years. She is now attending Case Law School with a Merit Scholarship. (posted April 2005)
  • Stephanie Rohlman worked for many years for a computer company in Cleveland. She has changed careers to pharmaceutical sales with Eisai Pharmaceuticals. She has NW Ohio as a territory and markets Alzheimer drugs to neurologists. (posted July 2006)
  • Rebecca Ware (£) earned her M.D at The University of Cincinnati Medical School and then completed her residency at the Medical University of South Carolina. She is now in practice in Lorain, OH. (posted July 2006)

Class of 1995

  • Jennifer Bobish (Corrigan) earned her MS at UT in 1997. She is a Technical Training Specialist with Jackson Labs in Bar Harbor, Maine. (posted July 2006)
  • Gregory Blausey (£) is in the MBA program at The Ohio State University School of Business. (posted June 2004)
  • Eustace Fernandes (£) completed his MD at Ohio State University and did a pulmonary residency at the University of Pittsburgh. (posted June 2004)
  • Stephanie Kaplan (Mahoney)earned her MS at UT in 1997. She is a teacher at Sylvania Southview High School. (posted July 2006)
  • Michael Liptak graduated from Ohio State University with a PhD in Ecology. He is an adjunct professor at Old Dominion University and a senior wetland ecologist with Enviroscience in Stow, OH. (posted July 2006)
  • Erica Tingler (Pribis) earned her MD at MCO* and did her residency at St. Vincent's in Toledo. She is an ER physician in Defiance, OH. (posted July 2006)
  • Susan Tsivitse is a postdoc in the Department of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine. (posted July 2006)
  • Jackie Vannuyen received her MD and is an Ob/Gyn practicing in Sylvania, Ohio. (posted July 2006) 

Class of 1994

  • Egidio Colecchia (£) completed his PhD at the University of Chicago Department of Medicine. (posted 2004)
  • Ashley Fernandes (£) received his M.D. from The Ohio State University School of Medicine, an M.S. from Johns Hopkins and a Ph.D. from Georgetown University. He is in family practice residency at Saint Louis University (MO). (posted 2004)
  • Earl Fernandes (£) began the M.D. program at the University of Cincinnati Medical School but entered the seminary. Father Fernandes and will be working on a Ph.D. in Medical Ethics in Rome starting summer 2004. (posted 2004)
  • Diane Krause (Hall) (£) received her MD/PhD degree at the University of Michigan. She received a Medical Scientist Training Program Fellowship, a Spencer Foundation Medical Scientist Training Program Award, Molecular Biophysics Training Program, University of Michigan Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship and FASEB Research Conference Outstanding Poster Award. She is currently a House Officer III in the Residency Training Program at University of Michigan's Department of Pathology. (posted July 2006)
  • Erica Noss (£), Presidential Scholar, received her MD/PhD degrees from Case Western Reserve University.She is currently a resident in Internal Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA. (posted July 2006)
  • Jonathan Purdy (£) moved to Chicago and did his 4 years of Podiatric medicine and then a three year residency at Mt. Sinai hospital in Chicago. He moved to Tennessee and started a practice. He then sold the practice and moved to Louisiana to practice together with his wife. (posted April 2004)
  • Kristin Sass (Fruth) earned her MS from UT in 1996. She is working at Pfizer. (posted July 2006)
  • Anthony Spinazze (£) received his J.D. at UT College of Law 1999 and is in private practice in Sylvania. (posted 2004)
  • Diana Wack (£) is a Physician’s Assistant. (posted 2004) 

Class of 1993

  • Paula Galupo (£) received her M.D. from Ohio State University. She did her Ob/Gyn residency at MCO. She is now in OB/GYN practice in Marietta (OH). (posted 2004)
  • Cheryl Kushman (Slotterbeck) earned a JD from UT's Law School in 2005. She is now with Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick in Toledo. (posted July 2006)
  • Debbie Sebring (£) is in a Physician’s Assistant program. (posted 2004)
  • Brandon Slotterbeck is working with Dr. Marcia McInerny in the UT Pharmacy Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry. (posted July 2006)
  • James Wahl received his PhD from UT in 2000. He was appointed as a tenure track Assistant Professor in the Department of Oral Biology at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska in Fall 2003. (posted July 2006)
  • Scott Wise received his MS from UT in 1995. He married fellow UT student Dawn Brown. He is working at Pfizer Global Research and Development, Ann Arbor, Michigan. (posted July 2006) 

Class of 1992

  • Dawn Brown earned her MS from UT Biology in 1995. She is now working at Pfizer. (posted July 2006)
  • Athanasios "Tom" Bubulya (UT BS'92 and PhD'98) ia an instructor in the Biological Sciences Department at Wright State University. Last year, he made a career transition to bioeducation, and had the pleasure of teaching current molecular biology techniques to high school students and teachers at the Dolan DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York. He hopes to initiate new community outreach programs at the high school level at WSU. He married fellow UT student Paula Bubulya (Sacco). (posted July 2005)
  • Mark Connolly went on to a MSc Pharmacology from University of Michigan in 1994 and Masters Health Economics from Sydney University (Australia) in 2003. He is currently working in London, UK. He was recently appointed global director pharmacoeconomics and pricing for Danish pharmaceutical company based in Lausanne, Switzerland. (posted July 2006)
  • William Damm (£) completed the M.D. program at The Ohio State University School of Medicine in 1999. (posted 2004)
  • Jim Hipple, a double major in Biology and Geography, completed an MA in Geography at UT in 1994 and a PhD in Geography from the University of Utah in 1997. He is now a Physical Scientist/Remote Sensing & GIS Advisor for USDA Risk Management Agency in Washington DC; was Associate Professor of Geographic Information Science at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota (2003-2004); and Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Missouri-Columbia (1997-2002).(posted July 2006)
  • Mira Lee (£) received her medical degree from Ohio State University. She completed her three-year family practice residency at Ravenswood Medical Center, Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Chicago. During her third year, Dr. Lee served as Chief Resident. She also finished a faculty development fellowship through Cook County Hospital and Rush University. After practicing family medicine locally for six years, Dr. Lee joined Family Medical Associates of Lafayette, Colorado in November of 2004. (posted July 2006) 


Class of 1991

  • William Branford (£) received a PhD in Developmental Biology from the University of Cincinnati in 1998. He did postdoctoral Research at the University of Utah from 1998-2005. He is now an Assistant Professor of Biology, Wayne State University. Lori Pile is one of his faculty colleagues at Wayne State.(posted July 2006)
  • Michelle Lechman-Holder received a PharmD from the University of Tennessee and worked as a Clinical Pharmacist - Critical Care and Solid Organ Transplantation. Currently she is in Toledo as part-time faculty at the Medical College of Ohio and the University of Toledo College of Pharmacy while home schooling her children. (posted July 2006)
  • Colleen McKinney (£) received her MD from Medical College of Ohio. She now is practicing at Logan View Pediatrics in Bellefontaine, OH (posted July 2006)
  • Lori Pile(£) received her Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology from the University of Cincinnati Medical School, 1998. She was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Institutes of Health, 1998-2003. She is now an Assistant Professor of Biology, Wayne State University. William Branford is one of her faculty colleagues at Wayne State.(posted July 2006) 

Class of 1990

  • Julie Bohlen (£) received her MS from UT Biology in 1990. She is Director of Kaplan Services inAnn Arbor, MI (posted 2004)
  • Randy Cooper received his MD from OSU and is practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona. (posted July 2006)
  • Christopher Foetisch received his MD from MCO* and his internship and residency were also at MCO*. He held a fellowship at Southern California Orthopedic Institute in Van Nuys, CA. He joined Toledo Clinic in April 2004. (posted April 2004)
  • David Krol received his MD from Yale in 1996. He is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Health Policy and Management at Columbia University. In 2002, he was named a Soros Advocacy Fellow. Through this fellowship, he worked to improve medical and dental care services for socially vulnerable and special needs children. He came to speak to undergrads November 4, 2004.(posted November 2004)
  • Greta Loren (Branford) (£) earned her MD from University of Cincinnati in 1994 and also did her residency in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics there. She is and Instructor, Department of Internal Medicine and Instructor, Department of Pediatrics and Communicable Diseases at C.S. Mott's Chidren's Hospital in Ann Arbor. (posted July 2006)
  • Joel Mayerson (£) received his MD from The Johns Hopkins University. He is the Director, Division of Musculoskeletal Oncology at The Arthur James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University and Co-Director of the Pediatric Bone Tumor Service at Columbus Children's Hospital.(posted July 2006)
  • Quehuong Pham (£) received as second BA in 1991 from UT in Art History. She then completed medical school at the Medical College of Ohio and a general surgery residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh. She is a general surgeon at Citrusd Memorial in Inverness. FL. (posted July 2006)

Undergraduate Program Alumni

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