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College of Pharmacy Tuition Schedule

Explanation of Fees

Laboratory Fees

Laboratory fees cover the costs associated with running a laboratory course, including the purchase of laboratory supplies and consumables. Examples include cell culture media, buffers and other reagents, pipette tips, culture plates, pharmaceuticals (e.g., antibiotics), and sterile saline solutions, among other items.

Clerkship Fee

The clerkship fee is used to pay for experiential rotations in the P4 year. In addition, the fee funds the infrastructure of the experiential program, allowing UT to provide the largest number of experiences through our own faculty, medical center, clinics, and other outreach programs.

Seminar III Fee

The Seminar III fee provides support for the two annual programs that constitute the capstone experience for the course. The costs that occur in conjunction with those presentations are funded through the fee. 

Last Updated: 6/9/16