University Policy


3364-110-01-01 Patient Admission and Discharge
3364-110-01-03 Discharge by Death
3364-110-01-05 Discharge to Acute Care from Coghlin Rehabilitation Center or Kobacker-CAPH or From Acute Care to Coghlin Rehabilitation Center or Kobacker-CAPH
3364-110-01-06 Patient Transfer with and without Cardiac Monitoring
3364-110-01-08 Documentation Process: Transferred Patients to Another Hospital
3364-110-01-10 Patient Bed Assignment
3364-110-04-02 Inpatient LOA
3364-110-04-05 Clarifying Medical Care
3364-110-04-06 Patients Leaving Hospital Against Medical Advice
3364-110-05-01 Intravenous Therapy
3364-110-05-02 Administration of Continuous Intravenous Infusions
3364-110-05-03 Administration of Medications
3364-110-05-05 Utilization of Controlled Substances
3364-110-05-07 Administration of Antineoplastic Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Agents
3364-110-05-08 Qualifications for Nurses to Administer IV Antineoplastic Chemotherapy
3364-110-05-10 Administration of Medication by Licensed Practical Nurses
3364-110-05-11 Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters
3364-110-05-12 Cervical/Lumbar/Thoracic/Epidural Infusion of Local Anesthetics and/or Opioids for Pain Management
3364-110-05-13 Use of Lidocaine by Registered Nurses for Insertion of Intravenous Catheters
3364-110-05-15 Limited Intravenous Therapy Procedures for Qualified Licensed Practical Nurses (With IV Course)
3364-110-06-02 Publications
3364-110-06-03 Private Duty Nurses
3364-110-06-04 Nursing Research
3364-110-06-05 Nursing Students Clinical Experience
3364-110-06-06 Utilization of Outside Sources for Nursing Personnel
3364-110-06-07 Maintenance of Records, Reports and Statistical Information
3364-110-06-10 Designation of Authority During the Absence of the Chief Nursing Officer
3364-110-06-11 Competency Assessment
3364-110-06-12 Policy Revision/Review
3364-110-06-14 Communication of New and Revised Policy Changes
3364-110-07-01 Assignment of Nursing Care
3364-110-07-02 Documentation on the Medical Record
3364-110-07-03 Patient Education
3364-110-07-04 Discharge Planning
3364-110-07-05 Nursing Process Documentation
3364-110-07-06 Assessment/Reassessment
3364-110-07-09 Computer Downtime
3364-110-07-10 Notification of Physician of Changes in Patient Condition
3364-110-08-01 Review of Nursing Staffing Data
3364-110-09-01 Assigning and Reporting Patient's Conditions
3364-110-09-06 Vital Signs
3364-110-09-07 Allergies, Height and Weight3364-110-09-12 Use of AVF, AVG or  or Hemodialysis Catheters for Vascular Access
3364-110-09-14 Suicide Risk Assessment/Precautions
3364-110-09-15 Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT); Continuous Arteriovenous Hemofiltration (CAVH); Continuous Arteriovenous Hemodialysis (CAVHD) and Continuous Venous-Venous Hemodialysis
3364-110-09-23 Code Surgery C
3364-110-10-02 Precautions, Suspected Child Abuse - Police Holds
3364-110-11-04 Inability to Report to Work as Scheduled
3364-110-11-07 Payroll System
3364-110-11-08 Time Schedules and Revision in Posted Schedules
3364-110-11-09 House Supervisor and Office Staff Work Schedules and Revisions
3364-110-11-11 Nursing Licensure Verification
3364-110-12-02 Safety
3364-110-12-03 Safety (Pediatrics)
3364-110-12-04 Management and Control of Agitated or Disturbed Persons
3364-110-12-06 Tubing Misconnection Prevention
3364-110-13-01 Transporting Patients with Oxygen and/or Hardwired Cardiac Monitor for Tests or Procedures

Last Updated: 6/13/19