College of Arts and Letters

Instructional, Classroom and Research Computing

University Hall 2230

There are three main categories of technology support provided by specialized staff in the College of Arts and Letters, the Department of Information Technology, and Classroom Support Services. The three categories are (1.)Instructional and Research Computing Support, (2.) Faculty/Staff Desktop Support, and (3.) General Purpose Classroom Support. 

IRC is responsible for purchasing, installing, and supporting instructional and research computing for the College of Languages, Literature and Social Sciences.  We are located in University Hall, room 2230.

The IRC Staff

  • Rob Bruno, Administrator/Director - 530.4978 
  • John Bell, Software Specialist - 530.2498
  • Tom Osswald

Responsibilities include… 

  • Support for Discipline Specific Instructional Technology
  • Discipline Specific Software Installation and Support
  • Instructional Computer Lab Design and Support
  • Technology Fee Purchases and Oversight
  • Mediated Classroom Design and Support
  • Research Computing Support
  • Mobile Classrooms Support

Walk-ins are always welcome, otherwise; for service and support, visit or call our offices at (419) 530.4991

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Arts and Letters Computer Labs 

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Student Links (UTAD, Portal, Email, Personal Purchases)

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Support for faculty/staff desktop computing is provided by the Department of Information Technology.  Support for general purpose classrooms is provided by Classroom Services.  Please see their information below, and more detailed information at their websites. 

Faculty/Staff Desktop Support
Information Technology
University Hall 2260
Web Page:

The IT Desktop Support Staff

  • James (Jim) Weller - 530.5327

Desktop Support is responsible for supporting and maintaining
all information technology for the faculty and staff in the College of Literature, Languages, and Social Sciences.

Responsibilities include…

  • Troubleshooting for Faculty and Staff Desktop Computers
  • Installation for New Computer System and Peripherals
  • Assistance with Business Applications, i.e. Banner, Myut, Etc.
  • Assistance with UTAD, email, portal, other accounts
  • Quotes for Faculty/Staff Equipment
  • Security, Encryption, Virus Protection, File Sharing
  • General Computing Questions
  • Faculty/Staff Equipment Disposal

General Purpose Classroom Support
Classroom Support Services
Carlson Library CL-0500A
Web Page:


  • Michael E. Haar, Assistant Director, x2656
  • Kenneth Mark McFeggan, Instructional Media Specialist, x2438
  • David Midtvedt, Instructional Support Specialist, x5670
  • Steve Smith
, Instructional Media Specialist, x4826/2518
  • Kevin Amos, 
Instructional Media Specialist, x4278
  • Tom Beyersdorf, Instructional Media Specialist I, x4280

Classroom Services provides support for all general-purpose classrooms on the Main and Health Science campuses.


  • Support and Training For General Purpose Classrooms
  • Support For Lecture Capture & Video Conferencing
  • Skype
  • Turning Point 
 For service and support, visit  For service and support call 419.530.2656 



Last Updated: 1/23/20