Department of Geography and Planning

Courses in Geography and Planning and Spatially Integrated Social Science


Course Number Course Title   Course Description
Courses Are Currently Being Revised and Updated
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GEPL 1010 Human Geography    
GEPL 1100 Environmental Geography    
GEPL 2010 Fundamentals of Geography    
GEPL 2030 Cultural Geography - WAC    
GEPL 2040 World Regional Geography    
GEPL 2050 World Cities    
GEPL 2200 Climate Change    
GEPL 2980 Selected Topics in Geography    
GEPL 3030 Geography of Europe    
GEPL 3050 Geography of U.S. & Canada    
GEPL 3120 Geography of Asia    
GEPL 3300 Geography of Latin America    
GEPL 3610 Conservation Resources-WAC  
GEPL 3650 Industrial Geography    
GEPL 3900 Environmental Planning    
GEPL 4040 Geography Education Strategies  
GEPL 4110 Geographic Information Systems    
GEPL 4160 Patterns of World Development    
GEPL 4180 Geographic Information Systems Applications    
GEPL 4210 Land Use Planning    
GEPL 4310 Gypsies (Romanies) & Travelers-WAC    
GEPL 4420 Quantitative Methods in Geography    
 GEPL 4490 Remote Sensing of the Environment    
GEPL 4500 Digital Image Analysis    
GEPL 4530 Principles of Urban Planning    
GEPL 4540 Weather and Climate    
GEPL 4570 Land Development and Planning    
GEPL 4580 Location Analysis    
GEPL 4600 Urban Design    
GEPL 4650 Physical Geography    
GEPL 4700 Community Planning Workshop    
GEPL 4710 Urban Environments    
GEPL 4750 Transportation Geography    
GEPL 4810 Political Geography    
GEPL 4900 Proseminar in Geography    
GEPl 4910 Research in Geography    
GEPL 4920 Readings in Geography    
GEPL 4960 Honors Thesis in Geography    
GEPL 5040 Geography Education Strategies    
GEPL 5110 Geographic Information Systems    
GEPL 5160 Patterns of World Development    
GEPL 5180 Geographic Information Systems Applications    
GEPL 5210 Land Use Planning    
GEPL 5310 Gypsies (Romanies) & Travelers-WAC    
GEPL 5420 Quantitative Methods in Geographic Research    
GEPL 5490 Remote Sensing of the Environment    
GEPL 5500 Digital Image Analysis    
GEPL 5520 Analytical and Computer Cartography    
GEPL 5530 Principles of Urban Planning    
GEPL 5540 Weather and Climate    
GEPL 5570 Land Development and Planning    
GEPL 5580 Location Analysis    
GEPL 5600 Urban Design    
GEPL 5650 Physical Geography    
GEPL 5700 Planning Workshop    
GEPL 5710 Urban Environments    
GEPL 5750 Transportation Geography    
GEPL 5810 Political Geography    
GEPL 5910 Directed Research    
GEPL 5920 Readings in Geography    
GEPL 6100 Philosophy & General Methodology    
GEPL 6150 Seminar - Research Methods    
GEPL 6190 Advanced Geographic Information Systems Seminar    
GEPL 6200 Earth System Science through Inquiry-Based Learning    
GEPL 6550 Seminar in Environment Planning    
GEPL 6570 Seminar in Neighborhood Revitalization    
GEPL 6580 Urban Development and Housing    
GEPL 6700 Teaching Practicum in Geography    
GEPL 6910 Comprehensive Exam Preparation    
GEPL 6920 Research Design    
GEPL 6930 General Seminar    
GEPL 6940 Internship in Planning    
GEPL 6950 Applied Geographics Workshop    
GEPL 6960 Thesis    
SISS 7010 Spatial Statistics    
SISS 7020 Geographical Information Science in SISS    
SISS 8010 Foundations of Spatially Integrated Social Science    
SISS 8020 SISS Theory    
SISS 8030 Advanced Spatial Data Analysis    
SISS 8040 Research Design    
SISS 8150 Advanced Qualitative Analysis in SISS    
SISS 8160 Policy Evaluation and SISS    
SISS 8170 Space & Society Critical Theory in SISS    
SISS 8180 Discrete Choice Spatial Process Modeling    
SISS 8200 Spatial Perspectives on the Environment    
SISS 8920 Directed Readins in SISS    
SISS 8940 Seminar in Special Topics:    




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