Department of Psychology

Meet Our Graduate Students in Experimental Psychology

Graduate Student

Research/Training Interests


Elizabeth Champlin

Area: Experimental

  • Motivation and performance

Kelly Clemens

Area: Experimental - Health
Office: UH 6505

  • Placebo effects and treatment side effects
  • Social factors influencing treatment adherence
  • Social and cultural factors influencing health related help seeking
  • Social barriers preventing access to woman's health services

Ruam Pedro Francisco De Assis Pimentel

Area: Experimental
Office: UH 1069

  • Personality
  • Psychological assessment
  • Neuroscience
  • Data science

Elizabeth (Lizz) Gallinari

Area: Experimental - Social
Office: UH 6511

  • Social comparison
  • The impact of comparisons on social media
  • How comparisons affect emotions and behavior 

Riley Grady

Area: Experimental
Office: UH 1880A

  • Children's experience in the legal system
  • Children viewing police lineups
  • Nervous laughter

Noelle Herzog

Area: Experimental
Office: UH 6506

  • Social comparison
  • Social media/cyberpsychology
  • Attitude polarization
  • Norm perception
  • Risk vulnerability

Dingzhong Hu

Area: Experimental - Cognitive
Office: UH 5010B

  • Individual differences and similarities in aesthetic preference
  • Psychological processes underlying the perception of art
  • Objective analysis of art-related qualia

Ann Karmol

Area: Experimental

  • Judgment and decision-making
  • Heuristics and biases
  • Individual differences
  • Behavioral economics
  • Science communication and misinformation
  • Moral psychology

Grace Kim

Area: Experimental

  • Race on perceptions of child sexual abuse
  • False memory
  • False accusations
  • Eyewitness testimony

Frances Lauten

Area: Experimental
Office: UH 1900

  • Children's eating behaviors
  • Preventative measures for disordered eating and eating disorders
  • Impact of parental disordered eating on the eating patterns of their young children

Steven Lenarduzzi

Area: Experimental

  • Hemispheric differences in belief updating

Samuel Oswald

Area: Experimental
Office: UH 6508

  • Social comparison theory
  • Self-esteem
  • Implicit measures
  • Competitive video game performance

Jessica Saki

Area: Experimental

  • Moral decision making
  • Moral behaviors
  • Moral dilemmas
  • Emotion regulation
  • Rejection

Adelyn Sherrard

Area: Experimental

  • Children's eating behavior
  • Parental feeding practices
  • Coparenting

Emily Spotts

Area: Experimental
Office: UH 6504

  • Placebo/nocebo effects and treatment side effects
  • Alteration of treatment perceptions
  • Effects of message types on treatment choice

Michael Vang

Area: Experimental
Office: UH 6509

  • Preventative health behaviors
  • Physician-patient communication
  • Placebo and nocebo effect

Joshua Williams

Area: Experimental

  • Anxiety in the context of technology use, acceptance
  • Social capital
  • Locus of control, self-efficacy
Last Updated: 10/23/23