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Dr. Peter Mezo


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Graduate Student Researchers

Kelsey pritchard, m.a.

ARC Pritchard

  • Degree: M.A. Clinical Psychology (Cleveland State University)
  • Degree in Progress: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  • 2016-2021
  • Doctoral Candidate
  • Email:

Kelsey earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University in 2013, and his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Cleveland State University in 2016. Prior to joining the ARC Lab, Kelsey successfully defended his Master’s thesis titled “An Interpersonal Model of Depression: A Psychophysiological Perspective,” and completed a practicum placement at the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Psychiatric Clinic.

Kelsey primary research interests focus on understanding the role of the autonomic nervous system in the onset and maintenance of emotional disorders, including depression and anxiety. Broadly speaking, his programmatic line of research aims to clarify how behavioral and psychophysiological processes function in the context of interpersonal and intrapersonal emotion regulation. More specifically, he is interested in identifying the physiological and behavioral indices of adaptive and maladaptive social support use in the context of clinical disorders.

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Hannah Herc, msc


  • Degree: MSc Mental Health Research (University of Nottingham)
  • Degree in Progress: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  • 2017-2022
  • Graduate Student
  • Email:

Hannah earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kent State University in 2014, and her Master’s degree in Mental Health Research from The University of Nottingham (U.K.) in 2016. Prior to joining the ARC Lab, Hannah worked as a Psychology Research Lab Manager at Kent State University (2014-2015) and most recently as a Behavioral Health Counselor at both the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit at St. Clare's Behavioral Health Hospital and for Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare Group Homes (2016-2017), located in New Jersey which were group homes for patients transitioning from the state psychiatric hospital in New Jersey. Hannah recently earned her Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from The University of Toledo in December, 2019. 

Hannah's primary research interests focus on third-wave cognitive and behavioral therapies and mechanisms of change with in those therapies. Current research areas include mindfulness, mindfulness meditation, school-based mindfulness interventions, acceptance and commitment therapy, and metaphor use.  

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Justin Leiter-Mcbeth, B.S.


Justin earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Kent State University in 2016. Prior to joining the ARC Lab, Justin volunteered in multiple labs at Kent State, worked as a neurofeedback technician, and was employed as a research specialist through Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Justin's primary research interests focus on emotion regulation, mindfulness, and physiology. He also hopes to create a better understanding of how visceral signals affect psychopathology.

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Jason Liou, B.S.


  • Degree: B.S. Computer Information Systems (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
  • Post-Baccalaureate: Certificate Pre-Clinical Psychology (Northwestern University)
  • Degree in Progress: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  • 2019-2024
  • Graduate Student
  • Email:

Jason earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information System at Cal Poly Pomona in 2005, and his Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Pre-Clinical Psychology from Northwestern University in 2018. Prior to joining the ARC Lab, Jason worked as a Research Assistant in the Child and Adolescent Mood Lab (2017 - 2019) and the Northwestern University Visual Thinking Lab (2016 - 2018). Jason also Interned for the Rush Neuro-Behavioral Center (2017 - 2018) in Skokie, IL and volunteered for the City of Hope National Medical Centre (2018) in Duarte, CA.

Jason’s primary research interest focus is on the mechanisms of change relating to suicidal ideation, suicidal behavior, stress, and depression.

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Noelle Warfford, B.S.

 Noelle Warfford

Noelle earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a second major in Music from Roanoke College in 2019. Prior to joining the ARC Lab, she was a research assistant in the Psychology Department at Roanoke and defended her Honors senior thesis titled “Reliability of the Computerized-Trail Making Test, Two Alternative Cue Choice Task, and Computerized-Circle Bisection Task."

Noelle’s primary research interests broadly include psychological assessment and psychometrics, as well as serious and chronic mental illness, especially schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. She is interested in studying ways of assessing self-regulation and self-monitoring skills in populations with serious mental illness.

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research assistants

kelsey fairchild, B.A.


Kelsey earned her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Biology from Capital University in 2016. Prior to joining the ARC Lab, Kelsey worked for Ramapo for Children, a non-profit organization, as a program coordinator for the Staff-Assistant Experience Program. Her role included implementing daily structures for the residential transition-to-independence program designed to assist young adults with social, emotional, or learning challenges.

Kelsey's time at Ramapo for Children inspired her research interests in the effectiveness of learned cognitive-behavioral coping skills for individuals with co-occurring diagnosis of developmental disabilities and mental health issues. Kelsey plans to pursue a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology this year. 

Kaylynn Frantz


Kaylynn is a second-year and majoring in Psychology. Kaylynn joined the ARC Lab to be more involved in the psychology community at the University of Toledo and to explore the field of psychology outside of the classroom. She would like to combine her passion for sports and helping others to one day become a Sports Psychologist. 

Nicholas Maricic

 Nicholas Maricic

Nicholas is a third year undergraduate and pursuing his Bachelor's in Psychology. Nicholas joined the ARC Lab to learn about psychological research, and his specific constructs of interest pertain to better understanding the role of hope and optimism in ameliorating depressive symptoms. In the past, he volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Ohio and worked with foster children and African refugee children within Cuyahoga County. Nicholas plans to further his education through graduate training in counseling in order to pursue a future career as a clinical counselor.

kellyann navarre


Kellyann is a senior pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and with a minor in Interdisciplinary Disability Studies. Before transferring to UT, she graduated with her associate degree from Monroe Community College in 2017, where she worked as a writing fellow to promote and tutor writing and research skills. More recently, Kellyann worked as a life skills program coordinator for individuals with disabilities and she currently works at a non-profit organization as a support specialist for those with borderline personality disorder (BPD). In the future, she plans to apply to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs. 

Kellyann's primary research interests are to examine risk factors and maintaining variables of psychopathology (e.g., emotion regulation), particularly but not limited to the context of BPD, self-injury, and suicide. She is also interested in dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). Her secondary interests include disability-related issues, including treatment accessibility,  barriers to treatment, and stigma/ableism. 

Madiana Rangel

 Madiana Rangel

Madiana joined the ARC Lab to acquire research experience with mindfulness. Recently, she completed an externship at St. Pius Elementary School where she completed a project to explore the relationship between students' behavior and their teaching authority figures. Additionally, she has been employed as a healthcare provider for patients with mental and physical disabilities. Her primary research interests pertain to severe mental illnesses (SMI; e.g., schizophrenia and bipolar disorder). After she completes her education, she desires to work as a clinical psychologist with SMI patients in state facilities.

Cassidy Serr

 Cassidy Serr

  • Major: General Business (Psychology Minor)
  • 2018-2022
  • University of Toledo
  • Email:

Cassidy is a second year pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Business with a minor in Psychology. Cassidy joined the ARC Lab because she would like to extend her knowledge of psychology from the classroom and into a hands on laboratory environment. Cassidy's future career as a forensic psychologist is driven by her primary interests in forensics, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and her desire to help others.

Alumni & former members 

Sarah Herr, B.A. - Clinical Practice
As a long-time research assistant in the ARC Lab, Sarah was involved in the execution and dissemination of studies and their data. She has co-authored several posters which include, "Type of mindfulness meditation and emotion regulation deficits predict state mindfulness outcomes post meditation."
Ethan Radatz, M.A. - Clinical Practice
Ethan's interests included emotional regulation and the development of effective coping strategies. His other research interests include humor, prejudice, aggression, and nonviolence. He co-authored several research posters, including is lead-author poster titled "Mindfulness as a mediator to influence social support in students with social anxiety (Radatz, Pritchard, & Mezo, 2019)." 
Rana Al-Nahhas (2019)Howard University, Masters program in Occupational Therapy
At the ARC Lab, Rana's interests were in the effects of avocational interests and physical activity in the regulation of anxiety and depressive disorders. Her contributions include her recruitment of community participants, conducting thorough literature reviews, and developing databases to organize such literature. Outside of the lab, she utilized her skills in Applied Behavior Analysis.
Taylor Shook (2019) - University of Toledo Medical School, M.D. program
As another long-time undergraduate of the ARC Lab, Taylor was involved in several aspects of building research studies and training in physiological measurement and data processing. She co-authored several research posters, in addition to her lead-author poster titled "Self-regulation in emotional affect and self-esteem (Shook et at., 2017)."
Hannah Marshal (2018) - Kent State University, Ph.D. program in Cognitive Psychology
Hannah served as one of the initial long-time members of the ARC Lab, contributing to the lab through literature reviews, creating study materials, piloting studies, and training in physiological measurement. She assisted in producing several research posters, with her most important contribution being her poster titled "Social support mediates the effects of mindfulness on depression (Marshal et al., 2018)," which was awarded as the top poster presentation at the UT Department of Psychology first annual Research Showcase.
Raghad Hassabelnaby (2018) - Minnesota School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Psy.D. program in Clinical Psychology
Raghad contributed to the ARC Lab through her initial recruitment of study participants, reviewing critical literature, and assisting in creating study materials. She also co-authored the research poster "Evaluating the validity of the Self-Control and Self-Management Scale in a midwestern student sample (Herc et al., 2018)."
Ben Harrison - Industry Employment
Ben joined the ARC Lab to explore the relationship between emotions, abnormal behaviors, and personality. His contributions to the lab include recruiting student and community participants, processing psychophysiological data, and disseminating findings from the ARC Lab's studies. This includes his initial poster titled "Perceived social support mediates mindfulness and positive affect (Harrison et al., 2019)."
Kajuan Willis - Industry Employment
Kajuan's time in the ARC Lab was guided by her passion to improve the lives of others. Her contributions include creating test materials, reviewing literature, and piloting studies.
Anna Wagenhauser - Industry Employment
Anna's primary research interests in the ARC Lab involved the intersections between psychology and economics. During her time in the ARC Lab, she assisted with the collection and review of research literature, developed materials for use during studies, and presented her own research poster entitled "Understanding promotion versus prevention focused behavior and related self-regulatory processes (Wagenhauser et al., 2017)."
Kaylee Finch - Industry Employment
Kaylee's research interest during her time with the ARC Lab included her focus on depression and emotion regulation, In particular, she contributed to the ARC Lab's initial research poster and she independently completed a review project titled "Emotion Regulation and Depression: An Annotated Bibliography."
Dani Bolovan (2015) - Industry Employment

Dani engaged in several tasks during the foundation of the ARC Lab at UT, including assisting with creating the ARC Lab's initial research presentation entitled "The intersection of self-management with emotion regulation and mindfulness (Mezo et al., 2016)."

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