Department of Psychology

Cognitive Labs

People in Cognitive LabCognitive psychology is the study of mental activity, i.e., how we process information from the time it gets inputted into our system via our senses to the time it gets outputted as a response of some kind. These processes can be broadly categorized as either lower- or higher-order cognition. Lower-order activities include sensation and perception, attention, and memory and memory storage. Language, problem-solving, creativity, and decision making describe a few of the higher-order activities. Here at UT, we have two cognitive psychologists-one that specializes in lower-order cognition (Dr. Christman) and one that focuses on higher-order things (Dr. Jasper). To learn more about their research labs, please click on the links to the left.


Faculty Investigators:
Stephen Christman, Ph.D.
John D. Jasper, Ph.D.

Graduate Students:
Doug Lanning, M.A.
Ryan Corser, M.A.
Chandrima Bhattacharya, M.A.
Steven Prunier, M.A.
Eric Prichard, M.A. 
Raymond Voss, B.S. 
Jaclynn Sullivan, B.A.

Undergraduate Students:
Julia Brookover
Victoria Adkins
Danielle Kwiatkowski
Heidi Belizzi
Kaylana Addington
Jordyn Landrum
Kelsey Graupmann
Lena Herrett
Chelsea Bloom
Chris Halberg

Last Updated: 6/27/22