John B. and Lillian E. Neff College of Business and Innovation

Learning Goals


Undergraduate Learning Goals

Interaction: Each student can demonstrate collaboration, leadership and professional behavior.

Ethics: Each student can recognize, analyze and resolve ethical issues explicit or implicit in decision-making.

Continuing Self-development: Each student is encouraged to develop attitudes and habits of self-learning relevant to business.

Critical Thinking: Each student can think critically to identify, research and analyze problems and make decisions.

Analytical Skills: Each student can make sound inferences from data and use effective problem-solving techniques.

Perspectives: Each student can identify, interpret and evaluate the legal, global, entrepreneurial and environmental dimensions of business and personal careers.

Communication: Each student can communicate effectively, orally and in writing, and organize and share information.

Technology: Each student can understand and utilize technology in improving business competitiveness and personal productivity.


M.B.A. Learning Goals

Leadership:  Develop the skills necessary for creating a high-performance, results-based organization.

Ethics: Recognize issues involved in making ethical decisions and understanding the consequences of those decisions on society.

Teamwork: Develop interpersonal and team skills needed to build an effective organizational environment conducive to collaboration.

Oral & Written Communication: Develop the ability to effectively communicate in oral and written form.

Critical Thinking & Decision Making Skills: Develop the ability to critically assess issues and develop sound, responsible, and creative solutions.

Global: Equip students to be effective in a global environment and have an understanding of global business issues and their impact on the organization and society.

Integration: Develop the ability to integrate functional business knowledge, analytical skills, leading-edge technology, and managerial skills into effective action.

Life-Long Learning: Learn the content of the program and develop a capacity to learn throughout life.


M.S.A. Learning Goals

Development as an accounting professional, including an awareness of international accounting issues. 
Ability to identify and utilize accounting and tax resources for critical decision making purposes.
Develop an understanding of the ethical issues and practices in the accounting profession, including those related to auditing and assurance services.
Enhance communication skills that will be needed in a professional accounting environment.


Last Updated: 3/21/24