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Office: Stranahan Hall - 2019
Telephone: (419) 530 - 2343
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Marcelo J. Alvarado-Vargas is an Associate Professor of Management in the College of Business and Innovation at University of Toledo. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Business Administration (2013) and a Master in International Business (2004) from the Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University in Miami, FL, a Master of Science degree in Operations and Technology Management (2006) from Universiteit Gent in Belgium, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Production Engineering (2002) from Universidad Privada Boliviana in Bolivia.

His research manuscripts have been published in Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Business Research, Journal of International Management, Multinational Business Review, International Journal of Emerging Markets, International Journal of Technology Management, among the most relevant. His research articles have been presented in international conferences such as the Academy of International Business, Academy of Management, and Strategic Management Society, among others. His research interests are in the areas of strategic management, firm innovation and technology management, international business, and corporate reputation.

He is the recipient of the 2016 DeJute Undergraduate Teaching Award and the 2017 Outstanding Junior Researcher Award in the College of Business and Innovation at University of Toledo. He also received the 2018 Emerald Outstanding Reviewer Literati Award for the International Journal of Emerging Markets.

Florida International University, Miami, Florida 2013
Doctor of Philosophy, Business Administration

Florida International University, Miami, Florida
Doctor of Philosophy (A.B.D.), Industrial and Systems Engineering

Universiteit Gent (Ghent University), Ghent, Belgium 2006
Master of Science, Operations and Technology Management.

Florida International University, Miami, Florida 2004
Master, International Business

Universidad Privada Boliviana (Bolivian Private University), Cochabamba, Bolivia 2002
Bachelor of Science, Production Engineering


  • MFGM8850 – Readings and Research in Manufacturing Management (Doctoral level)
  • MFGM8960 – Dissertation (Doctoral level)
  • MFGM8980 – Special Topics Seminar:  Innovation and Technology Commercialization (Doctoral level)
  • BUAD6900 – Strategic Management Capstone (Master level)
  • BUAD4020 – Senior Business Policy (Undergraduate level)


  • (Global) Strategic Management & International Business
  • Innovation and Technology Management
  • Corporate Reputation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Gender Diversity
  • (International) Production and Operations Management and (Global) Supply Chain Management



  1. Alvarado-Vargas, M.J., Hermans, M. & Newburry, W. (2020). What’s in it for me? Local employees’ anticipated career opportunities derived from firm internationalization. Journal of Business Research, 117:201-211, September.
  2. Parente, R., Kelley, K.J., Thams, Y. & Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. (2020). Cross-border mergers and acquisitions: Links between acquiring firm capabilities and resources and target country location. Multinational Business Review, 28(3):355-379, August.
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  4. Kelley, K.J. & Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. (2020)IT signal generation and management capabilities’ effect on corporate reputation: A typological approach to strategic positioning in a digital world. Corporate Reputation Review, 23(3):145-159, August.
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  11. Thams, Y., Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. & Newburry, W. (2016). Geographical diversification as a predictor of MNC reputations in their home nations. Journal of Business Research, 69(8):2882-2889, August.
  12. Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. (2008). The technological innovation adoption race: Things you must know to finish it in first places. The Business Review, Cambridge, 11(2):76-81, December.


  1. Newburry, W., Alvarado-Vargas, M.J., Borda, A.J., Geleilate, J.M., Ortiz-Baldo, C.M., Durán-Zurita, E., Guerra, M., Lasio-Morello, M.V., Madero, S. & Zwerg-Villegas, A.M. (2013). Globalization capabilities and perceived career opportunities from globalization in Latin America. Academy of Management Proceedings, Vol. 2013(1):12048, January.


Selected conference presentations (Past 5 years).

  1. Molavi, N., Zhang, Y. & Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. (2020). Solving location and routing problem of hybrid commercial drones with social and environmental considerations. Decision Sciences Institute Annual Conference, Online due to COVID-19.
  2. Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. & Napier, E.A. (2020). Changing neighborhoods: Explaining divestment speed from China. Academy of International Business Annual Conference, Online due to COVID-19.
  3. Alvarado-Vargas, M.J., Hermans, M. & Newburry, W. (2020). Anticipated career consequences and personal benefits derived from firm internationalization in emerging markets. Academy of International Business – Latin America & Caribbean Chapter Conference, Online due to COVID-19. (Competitive session, Conference Best Paper Award Finalist).
  4. Alvarado-Vargas, M.J., Zou, Q., Inamanamelluri, T. & Napier, E.A. (2020). Assessment tool for digital innovation projects: To D.I.V.E. (or not) into deep waters. Academy of International Business – Latin America & Caribbean Chapter Conference, Online due to COVID-19.
  5. Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. (2019). Born global firms established in developed versus developing countries: An outlook in the computer software industry. Academy of International Business – Latin America Chapter Conference, Cochabamba, Bolivia.
  6. Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. & Andrews, D.S. (2018). This party is not fun anymore: Divesting from China. Academy of International Business Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
  7. Andrews, D.S., Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. & Fainshmidt, S. (2018). Does it pay to be reputable? A comparative institutional perspective of reputational gains in consumer markets. Academy of International Business Annual Conference,Minneapolis, MN.
  8. Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. & Andrews, D.S. (2017). Effects of country development, business environment sophistication, and openness to globalization on the reputation-performance relationship. Academy of International Business – Latin America Chapter Conference, Lima, Peru.
  9. Alvarado-Vargas, M.J., Newburry, W., Galli Geleilate, J.M., Hermans, M., Olivas-Lujan, M., Madero, S., Zwerg-Villegas, A.M., Borda, A., Ortiz Baldo, C.M., Duran-Zurita, E., Guerra Massiel & Lasio Morello, M.V. (2015). Globalization capabilities and career opportunities and benefits in Latin American firms. European International Business Academy Annual Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Competitive session).
  10. Alvarado-Vargas, M.J. & Newbury, W. (2015). The mediating effect of innovation on the relationship between corporate reputation and performance in US MNCs. Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, Denver, CO. (Paper session)



  • American Journal of Business, Associate Editor

Ad-hoc Journal Reviewer

  • Journal of International Business Studies
  • Journal of World Business
  • Journal of Business Research
  • Journal of International Management
  • International Journal of Emerging Markets
  • Cross Cultural & Strategic Management

Ad-hoc Conference Reviewer

  • Academy of Management, IMD, TIM, BPS divisions
  • Strategic Management Society
  • Academy of International Business, AIB-LAC, AIB-SE
  • European International Business Academy


  • Emerald Outstanding Reviewer Literati Award. (2018). For International Journal of Emerging Markets.
  • Outstanding Junior Researcher Award. (2017). College of Business and Innovation, University of Toledo.
  • DeJute Undergraduate Teaching Award. (2016). College of Business and Innovation, University of Toledo.
  • Best Conference Paper Award. (2013). Iberoamerican Academy of Management Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Memberships, Honor societies

  • Member, Strategic Management Society (SMS)
  • Member, Academy of Management (AoM)
  • Member, Academy of International Business (AIB)
  • Registered Engineer, Bolivian Engineers Society, (registration number 13671)
  • Beta Gamma Sigma, Business Academic Honor Society
  • Delta Epsilon Iota, Academic Honor Society
  • Golden Key, International Academic Honor Society
  • Alpha Pi Mu, Industrial Engineering Academic Honor Society.
  • Omega Rho, Operations Research and Management Science Academic Honor Society.
  • Phi Kappa Phi, All Discipline Academic Honor Society
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