University Women's Commission

UWC Advocacy Statement | As Amended March 1996

The University Women's Commission was organized in the interest of providing a support system for all women at The University of Toledo. The Constitution of the University Women's Commission states that the UWC is committed to improving the status of women at The University of Toledo."

More specifically, UWC is an advocacy group for women at the University. Advocate is defined as one who works for cause, and the status of women at the University constitutes our cause.

The role of UWC as an advocacy group includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • Support qualified women for jobs, promotions, appointments, and recognition at the University.
  • Confront administrative policies and procedures which do not work to improve the status of women.
  • Initiate policies which will improve the quality of campus life for women.
  • Create a system of communication whereby all persons will be aware of issues which affect the rights of women.
  • Provide a strong network of alliances to offer emotional and professional support to women on campus.

The University of Toledo / Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390

Last Updated: 10/31/22