University Women's Commission

University women's commission scholarship

UWC scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students who have completed at least 3 semesters at UToledo. This scholarship requires a current FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to be on file in the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Requirements to apply for this scholarship

  • Grade Level: Sophomore, Junior, Senior
  • Gender: Female
  • Other: Need Based
  • Deadline: Application window is closed for this award period.

For more information: Contact the Financial Aid Scholarship Office at

Due to the delays with the FAFSA process, the scholarships will be awarded before the next academic year. Awardees will be invited to the Fall Luncheon for the presentation.

Scholarship Winners


Image of the 2023 Scholarship Winners


  • Aesha Kandlagudur
  • Carly Gumber
  • Sharon Segura
  • Hannah Paton 

Photo not available


Perrigrine Garner, Mallorie Jarrett, Katelyn Zajac

Image of the 2020 Scholarship Winners


  • Callie Palka
  • Chelseay Neff

Image of the 2019 scholarship winners


  • Rose Mansel-Loeydell
  • Laura Heckenmueller
  • Elizabeth Konopka
  • Diala Abou-Daheck

Image of the 2018 scholarship winners


  • Celine Schreidah
  • Jessica Avery
  • Shaquira Jackson
  • Hailey Cox

Image of the 2017 Scholarship winners


  • Areeba Shaw
  • Bianca Caniglia
  • Jennifer Zaurov
  • Jessica Angelov

Image of the 2015 Scholarship Winners


  • Rachel Wagner
  • Tiffany Runion
  • Grisoranyel Yoselyn Barrios Rodriguez

Image of the 2014 scholarship winners


  • Lauren Marshall
  • Mollie Scholl

Image of the 2013 scholarship winners


  • Alissa Ciacelli
  • Kayla Wrasman

Image of the 2012 Scholarship winners


  • Jeanetta Mohlke-Hill
  • Jessica Meyer
Last Updated: 4/26/24