UToledo Human Resources

PageUp Performance Management FAQ

Who uses the PageUp Performance Management System?

The PageUp Performance Management System captures evaluations for the following UToledo staff employees (AFSCME, CWA, FOP and non-represented employees). All managers of staff positions need to use this system to process staff evaluations.

How do I log into the system?

1.     toledoemployees.pageuppeople.com
2.     In the Employee tab in MyUT, under Employment Resources select PageUp Performance Management System 

Where can I find step by step instructions for how to use the online system?

Open the Training Guides on this page. You will find resources that will walk you through the system, including screenshots, instructions, and helpful tips.

Is there an alternative paper version for the annual review? 

All annual reviews will be completed online for all employees.

How do I complete a probationary review for my employees?

Please utilize the probationary review webform here. This can be saved as a PDF for your records.

What form do I use to complete a self-evaluation?

The self-evaluation is now part of the complete performance management process. At the start of the performance management process, you will be sent an email requesting you to complete your self-evaluation. 

You are strongly encouraged to complete this step and note specific examples of your performance. The self-evaluation will be provided to your supervisor within the performance management system

What if I do not complete a self-evaluation?

If you do not complete a self-evaluation, after the designated period of time  then the evaluation process will move on to the management evaluation step.

How will I (as the supervisor) know I need to complete an evaluation for an employee?

The supervisor/manager will receive an email once it is time to begin the evaluation process. 

What should I do if I disagree with my supervisor’s performance evaluation?

If you do not agree with your supervisor’s rating on the competencies or goals, you will have an opportunity to comment during the Employee Acknowledgement step in the Final Comments box. 

You are asked to still electronically sign that the content on the evaluation has been covered. Your signature does not mean that you agree with the content, simply that you have received the evaluation and that the conversation took place. 

How do I view my completed review?

On the main portal of the performance system, go to About Me > Performance Reviews.

You’ll see the option to sort reviews by status. From the drop down you can select "All" or "Completed", then click "Search" to apply the filter, and your reviews will be displayed accordingly.

In line with the review on the far right, you’ll see another drop down that says “I want to…” and you can select view report. This will create a pop out window of your completed review.

If I need assistance with the performance evaluation form or have any questions about completing performance evaluations, whom should I contact?

Please contact Human Resources with questions or for training opportunities. Our Human Resources team strives to assist you and wants to ensure that the performance evaluation process is timely and fair for each UToledo employee. We look forward to serving you.

I am a new supervisor and I need to evaluate my employees progress on goals and competencies. I do not feel that I have worked with them long enough to understand their performance. How do I proceed?

If you are a new supervisor, you should consult with the previous manager if they are still at UToledo. If the previous manager is unavailable, you should consult with your supervisor and review any notes available. Please reference current department files, the HR personnel file, as well as any documented notes and goals that are available. The new manager should work closely with their immediate supervisor to determine the appropriate rating of their employee’s performance.


Last Updated: 12/14/23