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The mission of the Training and Organizational Development is to create, promote and advance individual and organizational growth through a variety of training programs and development opportunities to achieve the University of Toledo’s commitment to improve the human condition.    

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Workshops offered by Training and Organizational Development Team

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EQ-I 2.0 
Emotional intelligence is a proven indicator of human performance and development. Develop your emotional intelligence to communicate effectively, form strong relationships and create maximize effectiveness. 

Crucial Conversations
Gives you the skills to step into disagreement, rather than over or around it and turn disagreement into dialogue for improved relations and results. Teaches eight powerful skills to help learners develop these vital skills through instruction, application, practice and coaching for lasting improvement. 

This assessment and training is an in-depth personalized description of your personality preferences. This training encourages self-reflection so that you can become aware of your particular style to help improve communication, reduce conflict, and improve teamwork. 

Noontime Knowledge
Finding time for professional development can be a challenge. Noontime Knowledge is a sequence of topics to that equip employees with knowledge, skills and overall wellbeing. These trainings will be less than 45 minutes and delivered online. The bi-monthly trainings will be highlighted in the Training and Organizational Development Newsletter to enroll. Do you have a request on a topic you’d like a session on? Reach out to us at Kimberly.Stec@Utoledo.edu

Career Branding Workshop 
In this workshop, learn how to craft a professional resume and create a cover letter that will stand out. You will also learn how to prepare for interviews to ensure you present a confident, knowledgeable, and poised persona prepared for a new opportunity! 

Most people are taught to work on their weaknesses, instead we should be learning how to develop our strengths.  Utilizing a customized CliftonStrengths assessment, discover what you naturally do best and learn how to develop your greatest talents into strengths to succeed at work and in your personal life.  

 Book Club 
Summer is perfect time to join a book club! We will host two virtual sessions where a moderator will pose questions to the group, share relevant content, and facilitate conversations about topics in the book. To join, simply sign up, secure a copy of the current book in your preferred format and start reading with us! 

  • June 2023: Surrounded by Idiots, by Thomas Erikson provides a method for assessing behaviors of people we communicate with. This method can help to increase our understanding of how people communicate and to better communicate and collaborate with people. It will also give you a better self-awareness.  

Other Workshops on Campus for Faculty & Staff

Retirement Planning
If you are considering retiring soon or within the next couple of years, there are important factors to consider. The Benefits team will be hosting workshops to provide you with a checklist of items to help you through the process and ensure you have a smooth transition to retirement. Workshop dates are located on the  Total Rewards Retirement web page

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Wellness Programs

Individual Coaching

Career Branding Coaching: These individual coaching session(s) include working together to create and/or update your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile; strategically prepare for interviews and practice commonly asked questions. These session(s) will help you feel confident to convince the hiring manager you’re the best candidate for the job!  

Career Development Plan Coaching: Creating a plan for your career development can be difficult. Your career decisions can affect your lifestyle, health and overall sense of satisfaction; it is important to make informed choices based on who you are, what you value, and what you have to offer. This three-step process includes a career development self-assessment, coaching session to clarify goals and assistance establishing your career development plan.  

Work-Life Harmony Coaching:  Are you struggling to maintain work-life harmony?  Work-life harmony coaching sessions help identify the right balance between your professional and personal responsibilities. In partnership with University Wellness, Training and OD coaches will work together to help answer your work-life questions and find resources and solutions that work best for you!  Achieve work-life harmony to have a more happy and healthier lifestyle.  

Executive Coaching: A professional and collaborative relationship between a manager/leader and a trained coach with the purpose of enhancing the individual’s leadership or management performance and development.  Coaching provides a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment in which to offer support for the individual and provides behavioral insights intended to accelerate the leader’s effectiveness.

Tools to Manage your Own Development

Career Path Development Plan
Are you looking for tools to outline the next steps in your career? These tools will first help employees assess their current skills, experiences and personality and then develop an action plan to progress to their next career goal.  Visit the Employee Resources section inside the Employee Toolkit for the Career Path Development Plan material.

Mentorship Program 
“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction." 
Do you have a mentor in mind, but do not know how to get started? The mentorship program allows for employees to take ownership of their own personal and professional development through mentorship. This is a relationship with a more knowledgeable and experienced person that will serve as your mentor to help guide and nurture your professional development and growth.  Visit the Employee Resources section inside the Employee Toolkit for the Mentorship Program material.

More Virtual Professional Development Opportunities

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