3D Printing


Print support materials are used when models have geometry that includes features that require “support structures” to hold up portions of a 3D model during printing but will not be included in the final model.

Currently available dissolvable print support materials:
VisiJet® PXL WAX[PXL + eco-friendly and safe wax infiltrant]
Ideal for fast, affordable, color models. Provides sufficient strength for print support and allows a smooth surface finish print after removal.
• Available for use with: ProJet CJP 460Plus 

HydroFill [water-soluble/washable polymer]
Support material that is effective for large ABS, PLA, and nylon parts which dissolves easily in room-temperature water. HydroFill is a “green chemistry” solution that is safe for the environment.
• Available for use with: Axiom Dual Extruder
Last Updated: 5/9/24